• K. R Kirtikar was the first Indian scientist who collected many Fungi and identified them.
  •  E. J Butler (1910) did detailed studies of Fungi and diseases caused by them. He wrote a book ‘Fungi and Diseases in Plants’’.
  •  E. J Butler is called the ‘ Father of Modern Plant Pathology’ in India.
  •  J. F Dastur (1886-1971) was the first Indian plant pathologist to study in detail on fungi and plant diseases.
  • B. B Mundkar identified and classified the smut fungi found in India.
  •  The Indian Phytopathological society is founded by B. B Mundkar in 1948.
  • Dr Karam chand Mehta (K. C Mehta) of Agra college discovered disease cycle of cereal rust in India.
  • Prof. Jaichand Luthra and Sattar developed solar heat treatment technique of seeds to control loose smut in wheat.
  •  M. J Thirumalachar performed extensive studies on rusts and smuts in India. Developed antibiotics like Oreofungin and Streptocyclin.

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