Plant Pathology One-liner For Competitive Exam

Plant Pathology One-liner

✅Who is the father of plant pathology? *Heinrich Anton de Bary*

✅Which method used for producing Virus free plant? *Meristem culture*

✅bacteria leaf blight of rice caused by? *Xanthomonas oryzae*

✅Loose smut of wheat is? *Internally seed borne*

✅ Sugarcane rust is caused by? *Puccinia eriathi*

✅ Tungro disease of rice is spread by? *Nephotettix virescens*

✅ Red rot of sugarcane is caused by? *Collectorichum falcatum*

✅Disease also known as *“Killer*

✅Disease of Wheat” is? *Black/ Stem rust*

✅White rust of crucifers is caused by? *Albugo candida*

✅Leaf blight of cotton is caused by? *Alternaria macrospora*

✅ Phyllody disease of Sesame spread by? *Leaf hopper*

✅Which is major storage fungi that affects on food grain? *Aspergillus*

✅Buck eye rot is disease of which crop? *Tomato*

✅Fungi which can grow only on living host plant are called? *Obligate parasite*

✅Association of fungi with root of higher plants is known as? *Mycorrhiza.*

✅Which is primary source of infection green ear disease of Bajra? *Soil and seed*

✅Which rice disease responsible for Bengal famine in 1943? *Brown leaf spot*

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