Poultry Diseases Short Notes For Competitive Exam

I. Viral Diseases

a) Ranikhet Disease (New Castle disease)

  • Affect birds of all ages
  • Most destructive disease in broilers (upto 100% mortality)
  • Affect birds of all ages
  • Sneezing, Cough, gasping for breath initially
  • Later on greenish water diarrhea with odour and twisting of head

b) Fowl pox/Chicken pox(Pox virus)

Yellowish wart like growth on combs and wattles.

c) Mareck’s Disease (Herpes Virus)

Tumours may develop in spleen, Kidney, Skin, Eyes, Gonads.

d) Gumboro Disease

  • Chicks of 3 weeks age become most susceptible to other infections as immunity weakens.
  • Layers are most susceptible.

II. Bacterial Diseases

a) Infectious Coryza (Haemophilus gallinarum)

  • Discharge from eyes and nostrils
  • Eyelids stick togeather
  • Swelling of eyes & face
  • Can be controlled using Sulphurdrug@0.05% in feed or water or Tetracycline and Streptomycine
  • Greens, rich in Vit A, Such as Barseem and Lucerne may be fed to prevent this.

b) Collibacillosis (E. coli)

Symptoms are diarrhoea of varying degrees, swelling on wattle & comb, poor growth.

III. Protozoan Diseases

a) Coccidiosis

  • Intracellular parasites mainly affect the intestines of chicks between 3 – 10 weeks age
  • Cause heavy mortality(50 -70%)
  • Affected birds do not eat
  • Blood and mucus is seen in droppings
  • Drooping of wings
  • Reduction in egg yield

b) Spirochaetosis(Tick fever)

  • High fever and restlessness in birds
  • female birds are more susceptible than males.

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