Preparation of cordial


It is a sparkling, clear, sweetened fruit juice from which pulp and other insoluble
substances have been completely removed. It contains atleast 25% juice, 30% TSS, 1.5% acid and 350 ppm of So2.This is very suitable for blending with wines. Lime and lemon are suitable for making cordial.
Fruits → Washing → Cutting into halves →Juice extraction → Straining →Addition of
preservative (kms/gm/litre juice) → Storing in glass container for 10-15 days for clarification(suspended material settles down) → Syphoning off the suspernatant clear juice → Straining and measuring → Preparation of Syrup → Straining → Mixing of juice with syrup → Addition of preservative → (KMS 0.6 g / lit product) → Bottling → Capping → Storing in cool and dry place.

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