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Question And Answer For AFO IBPS

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1)Greening of potato results in -?
A] Increase in disease resistance
B] Increase in nutritional quality
C] Decrease in nutritional quality
D] Decrease in disease resistance

2)Isolation distance for foundation seed of rice is -?
A] 3 metre
B] 13 metre
C] 23 metre
D] 33 metre

3)Gynodioecious varieties of papaya produce -?
A] Only male plants
B] Only female plants
C] Female and hermaphrodite
D] Male and hermaphrodite plants

4)Vector of phyllody disease is.?
A] Leaf Hopper
B] Jassid
C] Thrips
D] White fly

5)Which of the following is the largest fertiliser producer in India?
A] Coromande International Ltd.
B] Indian Farmers Fertiliser Corporation Limited
C] Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.
D] Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertlizers Ltd.

6)When was the new agricultural policy established?
A] July 2000
B] March 2002
C] March 2004
D] January 2004

7)Groundnut pegs when developed in the soil from -?
A] Fruits
B] Roots
C] Stems
D] Tubers

8)Fire curing is followed in -?
A] Bidi tobacco
B] Hookah tobacco
C] Cheroot tobacco
D] Chewing type tobacco

9)Which two crops of the following are responsible for almost 75% of pulse production in India?
A] Pigeon pea and moong bean
B] Gram and moong bean
C] Moong bean and lentil
D] Gram and pigeon pea

10)Potassium chloride contains K -?
A] 50%
B] 60%
C] 70%
D] 80%

11)Crop rotation helps to.?
A] eliminate parasites which have selective hosts
B] produce a greater choice of plant products
C] lessen use of pesticides
D] yield more crops

12)Which one of the following makes a case for intensive, modern farming?
A] Cropping pattern
B] Remunerative price
C] Higher output using organic method
D] None of these

13)The Green Revolution in India was the outcome of the efforts of who amongst the following?
A] A.M.S. Swaminathan
B] C. Rangrajan
C] K.V. Kamath
D] Rakesh Mohan

14)When was Micro Irrigation launched?
A] March 2002
B] March 2004
C] January 2004
D] January 2006

15)When were Kisan Call Centres established?
A] July 2000
B] March 2002
C] March 2004
D] January 2004

16)When was On Farm Water Management Scheme launched?
A] July 2000
B] March 2002
C] March 2004
D] January 2004

17)When did the Government present Kisan Credit Card Scheme?
A] April 1853
B] August 1998
C] July 1998
D] November 1998

18)Which among the following does not belong to welfare schemes for the farmers?*
A] Kisan Credit Card Scheme
B] SHG Bank Linkage Programme
C] National Agricultural Insurance Scheme
D] Employee Referral Scheme

19)Who announced the launch of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana?
A] Narendra Modi
B] Dr. Manmohan Singh
C] Atal Bihari Vajpayee
D] I.K.Gujral

20)When was NFSM launched?*
A] Mid of 9th Five-Year Plan
B] End of 10th Five-Year Plan
C] Mid of 11th Five-Year Plan
D] End of 11th Five-Year Plan

21)Who announced the introduction of National Food Security Act?
A] Pranab Mukherjee
B] Manmohan Singh
C] P.Chidambaram
D] Arun Jaitley

22)NABARD was established in the?
A] Fourth Five Year plan
B] Fifth Five Year plan
C] Sixth Five Year plan
D] Eighth Five Year plan

23)Under which Five Year Plan agriculture register negative growth?
A] Third
B] Fifth
C] Seventh
D] Ninth

24)Indian Pulse Research Institute is located in?
B] Kanpur
C] Faizabad
D] Lucknow

26)HD 2967 is the new high yielding variety of -?*
A] Rice
B] Maize
C] Wheat
D] Mustered

25)Where is the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) situated?
A] Bangaluru
B] Karnal
C] Mysore
D] Lucknow

27) Which of the following is not nitrogenous fertilizer?*
A] Urea
B] Ammonium sulphate
C] Super phosphate
D] Ammonium nitrate

28)The scientific study of soil is ?
A] Pedology
B] Earth Study
C] Soil Science
D] Soil Chemistry

29)The Minimum Support Price for Foodgrains was introduced in the year ?
A] 1961
B] 1962
C] 1963
D] 1964






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