Scheme to Promote In-Situ (In The Farm Itself) Management Of Crop Residue

#For in-situ management of crop residue in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and NCT of Delhi.


#It will promote agricultural mechanization for next two years (2018-20) to provide cost effective and eco-friendly solution to farmers to deal with problem of stubble burning that result in raising air pollution levels in Delhi and neighbouring states every winter.

Salient features:

#The proceeds from central fund will be used to establish Farm Machinery Banks (FMBs) for Custom Hiring of in-situ crop residue management machinery.

#Government will provide 80% fi nancial assistance of project cost to cooperative societies of Farmers, FPOs, SHGs, registered farmers societies or farmers groups, private entrepreneurs and group of women farmers.

#It will provide 50% fi nancial assistance to farmers for procurement of agriculture machinery and equipment for in-situ crop residue management.

#Benefi ciaries will be identifi ed and selected for establishment of Farm Machinery Bank for Custom Hiring and procurement of machines on individual ownership basis by state nodal department/ DLEC.

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