Scientist And Their Major Contributions in Agriculture

Scientist Contributions in Agriculture

Scientists : Contributions

S.S. Bains : Relay cropping

La-Flitze : Mixed cropping

N.G. Dastane : Irrigation scheduling in crops

M.S. Swaminathan : Green revolution

D.R. Bhumbia : Reclaimation of saline/alkaline soils

B.P. Pal : Wheat breeding

Ambika Singh : Sugarcane agronomy

Richards and Smith : Permanent wilting point

Fr. Henride Laulanie : SRI

R.W. Willey : Multiple cropping index & LER

Wischmeir & Smith : Universal soil loss equation

Nicholas : Functional nutrients

J.B. Fourler : Green house effect

Hargreaves : Moisture availability index (MAI)

Thornthwaite : Water balance concept and PET

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