Seed Science One Liner For Competitive exam -5

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Seed Science One Liner For Agri Exam

Seed Science one liner

Quest.A fertilized ovule consisting of intact embryo, stored food and seed-coat which is viable and has got the capacity to germinate

Quest.The seed of a crop variety produced by the breeder which is small in quantity is said to be
Ans.Nucleus seed

Quest.Source of breeder seed
Ans.Nucleus seed

Quest.Progeny of breeder seed
Ans.Foundation seed

Quest.Certified tag colour of breeder seed
Ans.Golden brown(Seed Science One Liner)

Quest.The seeds produced by NSC
Ans.Foundation seed

Quest.Certified tag colour of foundation seed
Ans.White tag

Quest.Progeny of foundation or registered seed
Ans.Certified seed

Quest.Certified seed is generally produced by

Quest.Certified seed tag having
Ans.Azure blue colour(Seed Science One Liner)

Quest.The emergence and development of seedlings from the seed-embryo under favourable condition

Quest.Hypogeal germination is found in
Ans.Cereals, Gram, Arhar, Lentil

Quest.Epigeal germination is found in
Ans.Mustard, Sunflower, Castor, Onion.

Quest.Varietal purity is checked by
Ans.Grow out test (GOT)

Quest.The impurity percentage of seed
Ans.Dockage(Seed Science One Liner)

Quest.The capacity of the seed to germinate
Ans.Seed vigour/viability

Quest.Seed viability is mostly tested by use of
Ans.2, 3, 5-triphenyl tetrazolium chloride

Quest.The main aim to maintain isolation distance
Ans.To avoid contamination or cross pollination

Quest.Isolation distance for self pollinated crops i.e. rice, wheat
Ans.3 m

Quest.Isolation distance for certified maize seed
Ans.200 m(Seed Science One Liner)

Quest.Isolation distance for certified pigeonpea
Ans.50 m

Quest.Isolation distance for certified sunflower
Ans.500 m

Quest.Weight of 1000 seeds is known as
Ans.Test weight

Quest.Weight of 100 seeds
Ans.Seed Index

Quest.Seed testing refers to
Ans.Testing of Purity, Moisture and Germination of seeds(Seed Science One Liner)

Quest.The standard method of seed moisture estimation
Ans.Oven dry method

Quest.The rice variety which has no seed dormancy

Quest.The dormancy due to hard seed coat or impermeable seed coats

Quest.The dormancy due to low temperature and moisture conditions

Quest.The PGR used to initiate seed germination
Ans.Gibberellic acid(Seed Science One Liner)

Quest.Seed dormancy of potato tubers is broken by treating tubers with
Ans.Thiourea 1%

Quest.The main objective of field inspection is to examine
Ans.Disease incidence, Isolation distance and Off-types

Quest.Seed processing is termed as

Quest.National Seed Corporation (NSC) was registered in

Quest.Seed act was passed on
Ans.1966(Seed Science One Liner)

Quest.The Seed Rule was passed on

Quest.National Seed Project (NSP) was started on

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