Seed treatment in important crops

Seed treatment

Seed treatment in important crops

1) Sorghum: Thirum or 300 mesh sulphur: Seed is coated in seed dressing drum or earthen pot @ 3.4 g/kg seed against smut disease.

2) Bajara: Brine solution treatment is given @ 20% against eat got and to discard light & diseased seed.

3) Paddy: Seed is treated with brine solution @ 3% against blast of paddy and to discard unfilled seed.

4) Cotton:

a) Cow dung slurry treatment: Seed is rubbed with cow dung slurry in 1:1 proportion of dung and soil for convenience in sowing or Seed is delinted by treating the seed with conc. H2SO4 for 2 min. for convenience in sowing.

b) Seed is treated with organo mercurial compound like ceresin, agrosan @ 3 g or Thirum @ 5g against seed borne disease like anthracnose.

5) Coriander & Garlic: Seed is rubbed to split the seed for even sowing.

6) Small seeded crops like Sesamum, bajara, tobacco, etc: Seed is mixed with fine sand or soil for even sowing of seed in the field.

7) Potato:

a) Seed is dipped in 1% Thiourea solution for breaking the seed dormancy.
b) Seed is dipped in streptomycin solution @ 200 g in 100 lit. Water for 1 hour against Ring rots disease.

8) Legume crops like Mung, Udid, Soybean, Etc.
a) Seed is treated with Thirum @ 3 g/kg seed against seed borne disease.
b) Seed is treated with Rhizobium culture @ 250g/10kg seed for ā€˜Nā€™ fixation & better nodulation.

9) Sugarcane:

a) Hot water treat (500C) or hot air treat. (540C) is given to sets for 2 hrs. Against grassy shoot & other diseases.
b) Sets are treated with OMC 6% @ 500g in 100 lit. Water by dipping for 5 min. against smut & increase germination.
Or Bavistin @ 200g in 100 lit. For 5 min.

10) Wheat & Oilseed crops: Seed is coated with Thirum or Bavistin @ 5 g/kg seed against seed borne diseases.

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