Sensitive stages of different crops

Sensitive stages of different crops

Cereals and millets

Rice – Active tillering, panicle initiation, heading and flowering

Sorghum – Flowering and grain formation

Maize – Tasselling, silking and milky stages

Cumbu – Heading and flowering

Ragi – Primordial initiation and flowering

Wheat – Crown root initiation, tillering and booting

Oil seeds

Groundnut – Flowering, peg initiation and pod formation and pod development

Sesame – Blooming to maturity Sunflower – Two weeks before and after flowering

Soybean – Blooming and seed formation

Safflower – From rosette to flowering

Castor – Full growing period

Cash crop

Cotton – Flowering and Boll formation

Sugarcane – Maximum vegetative stage

Tobacco – Immediately after transplanting


Onion – Bulb formation to maturity

Tomato – Flowering and fruit setting

Chillies – Flowering and fruit setting

Cabbage – Head formation to maturity


Alfalfa – Immediately after cutting for hay and flowering for seed crops.

Beans – Flowering and pod setting

Peas – Flowering and pod formation


Coconut – Nursery stage root-enlargement

Potato – Tuber initiation and maturity

Banana – Throughout the growth

Citrus – Flowering, fruit setting and enlargement

Mango – Flowering

Coffee – Flowering and fruit development

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