Soil Science MCQ For Competitive Exam

Question 01. …. is the category of igneous rock?

(a). Granite rocks.
(b). Basalt.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Quartz.

Question 02. …. is the category of sedimentary rock?

(a). Lime stone.
(b). Sandstone.
(c). Dolomite.
(d). All of the above.

Question 03. … is the category of metamorphic rock?

(a). Gneiss.
(b). Quartz.
(c). Feldspars.
(d). Dolomite.

Question 04. Quartz is most resistant to word..?

(a). Heat.
d(c). Weathering.
(d). Air.

Question 05. Organic soil should have..?

(a). At least 20%.
(b). At least 15%.
(c). At least 25%.
(d). At least 30%.

Question 06. 1:1 type mineral is..?

(a). Montmorillonite.
(b). Vermiculate.
(c). Chlorites.
(d). Kaolinite.

Question 07. 0.02 – 0.2 mm is the diameter of..?

(a). Silt particle.
(b). Sand particle.
(c). Coarse particle.
(d). None of the above.

Question 08. Volume of soil include..?

(a). Solid and liquid.
(b). Liquid and sponge.
(c). Solid and air.
(d). Solid and pores.

Question 09. Percentage of feldspars in earth crust is..?

(a). 48%.
(b). 38%.
(c). 58%.
(d). 28%.

Question 10. Manor source of Mg is..?

(a). Toumaline.
(b). Olivine.
(c). Apatite.
(d). Dolomite.

Question 11. The hygroscopic coefficient is the maximum amount of hygroscopic water absorbed by..?

(a). 150 g of dry soil..
(b). 50 g of dry soil.
(c). 100 g of dry soil.
(d). 200 g of dry soil.

Question 12. The standard condition for hygroscopic coefficient is..?

(a). Relative humidity 35% and temp. 15 ℃.
(b). Relative humidity 33% and temp. 17 ℃.
(c). Relative humidity 55% and temp. 25 ℃.
(d). Relative humidity 50% and temp. 15 ℃.

Question 13. The water tension of hygroscopic coefficient is..?

(a). 21 atm.
(b). 41 atm.
(c). 31 atm.
(d). 41 atm.

Question 14. Soil horizon is..?

(a). Parallel to soil surface.
(b). Above the soil surface.
(c). Below the soil surface.
(d). All of the above.

Question 15. A soil horizon is a result of..?

(a). Pedoturbation.
(b). Pedozination.
(c). Pedogenesis.
(d). Pedology.

Question 16. A lighter coloured E subsurface soil horizon is apparent at the base of..? 

(a). A horizon.
(b). B horizon.
(c). C horizon.
(d). O horizon.

Question 17. O horizon is..?

(a). Mineral layer.
(b). Plant litter layer.
(c). Micro organism layer.
(d). Sand and loam layer.

Question 18. …. horizon has pronounced soil structure?

(a). B.
(b). C.
(c). O.
(d). A.

Question 19. B horizon is synonym to..?

(a). Organic surface layer.
(b). Surface soil.
(c). Subsoil.
(d). Bed rock.

Question 20. Illuviation takes place in..?

(a). A horizon.
(b). E horizon.
(c). C horizon.
(d). B horizon.


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