Soil Science One Liner For Competitive exam -4

Soil Science One Liner

Soil Science One Liner For Competitive exam

Soil Science One Liner

Quest.Principle uptake form of phosphorus by plants

Quest.Immobile element in soil is

Quest.Immobile element in plant is

Quest.Plant takes the nutrient in the form of

Quest.The nutrient required for quality maintenance in potato
Ans.Potassium(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Nutrient, which maximum uptake by the plants

Quest.Nutrient essential for oilseed crops

Quest.Structural component of Vit B12

Quest.Deficiency symptoms of N, P, K, Mg and Mo appear in
Ans.Older leaves

Quest.New leaves show deficiency symptoms of
Ans.Fe, Mn, Cu, S(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Old and new leaves show deficiency symptoms of

Quest.Deficiency symptoms of Ca and B appear in
Ans.Terminal buds

Quest.Cereal crops show ‘V’ shaped pale yellowing at lower leaf tips due to deficiency of

Quest.Deficiency appears as short internodes in plant.

Quest.Purple coloration appeared in leaves due to
Ans.P deficiency(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Scorching and burning on margins of bottom leaves and irregular fruit development of plant are most common symptoms of
Ans.K deficiency

Quest.Failure of terminal bud and root tips is the principle symptom of
Ans.Ca deficiency

Quest.Interveinal chlorosis occurs due to
Ans.Mg and Fe deficiency

Quest.Downward cupping of leaves in Tobacco and Tea shows
Ans.S deficiency(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Whip like structure appeared in terminal bud
Ans.B deficiency

Quest.Burning quality of Tobacco decreased due to

Quest.Dia back and Little leaf disease in Citrus shows
Ans.Cu deficiency

Quest.Mn deficiency shows
Ans.Interveinal yellowing of younger leaves

Quest.Translucent spots of irregular shape between veins shows
Ans.Mo deficiency(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Upper leaves will show chlorosis on midrib, veins green and dead spots occur in all parts of leaf (veins, tips and margins) show
Ans.Zn deficiency

Quest.Zn toxicity is reduced by addition of

Quest.A situation in which a crop needs more of a given nutrient yet has shown no deficiency symptoms
Ans.Hidden Hunger

Quest.Luxury consumed nutrient by plants i.e. maize

Quest.Excess of N, P and K causes deficiency of
Ans.Cu(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Excess of Ca causes deficiency of

Quest.Deficiency of N indicated by plant

Quest.Deficiency of Bo indicated by plant

Quest.The soil, which have <4.0 pH is
Ans.Cat soil

Quest.The residual effect of urea on soil reaction is
Ans.Acidic(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Soil pH > 8.5 indicates soil is

Quest.Saline soil is also called as
Ans.Solan chalk and White alkali

Quest.Alkaline soil is also called as
Ans.Solanetz and Black alkali

Quest.The saline – alkali soil is also known as

Quest.Lime (CaCO3) is added to neutralize
Ans.Acid soils(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Gypsum (CaSO4.2H2O) is used for the reclamation of
Ans.Sodic/Alkaline soils

Quest.Pyrite (FeS2) is used to reclaim
Ans.Saline soils

Quest.Rock phosphate is applied in
Ans.Acid soil

Quest.Gypsum contains
Ans.29.2%Ca and 18.6%S

Quest.Method used for the determination of lime requirement of an acid soil is
Ans.Shoemaker’s method(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.The crops prefer acidic soil
Ans.Rice, tea and potato

Quest.Highly salt tolerant crops
Ans.Barley and Sugarbeet

Quest.Which fertilizer is most beneficial for alkali soils?
Ans.Ammonium sulphate

Quest.Which of the plant species can be suggested on saline soil?
Ans.Haloxylon salicornium

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