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Types of insect antennae

Types of insect antennae

Types of insect antennae 1. Setaceous (Bristle-like): Size of the segments decreases from the base to apex e.g. cockroach. 2. Filiform (Thread-like): Segments are usually cylindrical in shape. Thickness of segments remains same throughout e.g. Grass hopper. 3. Moniliform (Beaded): Segments are either globular or spherical with prominent constrictions in …

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Important Natural Enemies and Their Hosts

Important Natural Enemies

Important Natural Enemies and Their Hosts Biological insect suppression in its original or classical sense involves the directed use of beneficial organisms. These beneficial organisms fail into several categories or groups. The broad-based categories of biological control agents/natural enemies are (according to function involved). 1. Parasites and Parasitoids 2. Predators …

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General Agriculture pdf Download

AGRICULTURE GEOGRAPHY CONTENTS 1. AGRICULTURE 2. AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT 3. NON-FOOD CROPS 4. SOIL 5. SOIL DEGRADATION 6. PRIMARY ACTIVITIES 7. SUBSISTENCE AGRICULTURE AGRICULTURE 1. PRIMARY ACTIVITIES include all those connected with extraction and production of natural resources. 2. SECONDARY ACTIVITIES are concerned with the processing of these resources. 3. Agriculture …

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All About Culture Fishery

Culture Fishery

The culture fishery may defined as the places of confined freshwater areas from where the fishes are not only captured but also rearing and breeding of fishes have been done in these places. These culture fishery is being done in ponds, the scientific basis of rearing, breeding and also the …

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