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Basics of Microbiology

Basics of Microbiology

Basics of Microbiology · Exo microbiology – Exploration of life in outer space. · Antony – van – Leewan hooke – animal cules (or) little animals. · Microbes arise from non living material – spontaneous generation (or) abiogenesis. · “Grancis Appert” developed a technique of preserving food by cooling the …

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Effect of pathogen on the plants


During the course of pathogenesis, normal activities of the infected host plant undergo malfunction. Consequently, morphological and physiological changes occur. A. Morphological or structural changes: Physiological malfunctioning of the host cells causes disturbances in chemical reaction which ultimately lead to some structural changes viz., overgrowth, phyllody, sterile flowers, hairy roots, …

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Basic Microbiology Objectives


Lec 01 – History of Microbiology True or False 1. Robert Koch is the Father of Microbiology. False. 2. The first recorded observation of microorganisms was in the nineteenth century. False. 3. Oliver Wendell Holmes was one of the first scientists to imply that hand washing might be important in …

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