Terms Related To Multiple Cropping

Multiple Cropping

1) Multiple Cropping : The intensification of cropping in temporal and spatial dimensions, growing two or more crops on the same field in one year.

2) Sequential cropping: Growing two or more crops is sequence on the same field per year, the succeeding crop is planted after the preceding crop is harvested, crop intensification is only in the time dimension, there is no intercrop competition.

3) Double Cropping, Triple or Quadruple Cropping- Growing two, three or four crops
per year in sequence.

4) Intercropping:- Growing two or more crops simultaneously on the same field, crop
intensification is in both the temporal and spatial dimensions; there is inter crop competition during all or part of the crop growth.

(a) Mixed intercropping:- Growing two or more crops simultaneously with no distinct row arrangement.

b)Row intercropping : Growing two or more crops simultaneously with one or more
crops are planted in rows.

c) Strip intercropping:- Growing two or more crops simultaneously in different strips
wide enough space to permit independent cultivation between narrow strips.

4) Relay cropping- Growing two or more crops simultaneously during part of the life
cycle of each; second crop is planted after the first crop has reached its reproductive stage but before it is ready for harvest.

5)Cropping Index- Number of crops grown per year on a given area of land x 100.

6) Cropping Pattern :- Yearly sequence and spatial arrangement of crops and fallow on
a given area

7) Cropping system- Cropping pattren used on a farm and their interactions with farm
resources, other fam enterprises, and available technology that determine their makeup.

8) Land Equivalent Ratio (LER): Ratio of the area needed under sole cropping to that
under intercropping at the same management level to give an equal amount of yield; LER is the sum of the fractions of the yields of the intercrop relative to their sole crop yields

9) Sole cropping- One crop variety grown alone in pure stand at normal density. It is also called as solid planting. Opposite of it is Intercropping

10) Competition Effect-Competition of intercropped species for light, nutrients, waiter, carbon dioxide and other growth factors

11)Spatial arrangement- Physical or spatial organization of component crops in a multiple cropping system

12) Inter Planting – All the types of seeding or planting of a crop into a growing stand,
used especially for annual crops grown under stand of perennial crop.

13) Moisture Use Efficiency It is the capacity of crop plant to utilize soil moisture for
economic biomass production On monetary basis it is Rs/ mm /ha and on grain yield
basis it is Kg/mm/ha.

14) LER = Yield of main crop in intercropping /   Yield of main crop in sole cropping + Yield of intercrop in intercropping / Yield of intercrop in sole cropping

15) Sorghum equivalent ratio = Sorghum Yield (q/ha)+ Yield of intercrop X price of intercrop (Rs/g)

                                                                                  Price of sorghum (Rs/q)

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