Training & Pruning for competitive exam

Training & Pruning

Training can therefore be defined as ‘an operation done to a plant by which it is made to develop a frame work or structure land this is spreading on pergola with or without pruning of plant pears and training is usually done when the plant / shrubs vines are young.

System of Training for Fruit Crops

1. Central Leader:

This system of training is adopted such types of trees which have a pronounced apical dominance.

2. Open Center:

In this system, the main stem is allowed to grow only up to a certain height by heading within a year of planting and all the subsequent vegetative growth promoted by lateral branches.

3. Modified Leader System:

This system stands intermediate between the central leader and the open center, combining the advantages of both the system.

4. Cordon system:

This is a system wherein espalier is allowed with the help of training on wires.

5. Training on pergola:

To support perennial vine crops pergola is developed by a network of crisscross wires supported by RCC/angle iron poles on which vines are trained. This is common for crops like grape, passion fruit, small gourd, pointed gourd and even peaches.

Training on Basis of Height

Low Head Prunning= 0.7m-0.9m

Medium head Prunning =0.9m-1.2m

High Head Prunning More than 1.2m

 Methods of Pruning:

✓ Thinning Out

✓ Heading Back

✓ Disbudding or Rubbing off

✓ Pinching and Topping

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