Varieties & Improved Soil Testing Meter Released by IARI

Varieties & Improved Soil Testing Meter Released by IARI

Varieties & Improved Soil Testing Meter Released by IARI

During 2018-19 the institute released a rice variety named  *Pusa Sambha 1850* for Chhattisgarh and Odisha. This is a high yielding, non-basmati medium slender grain variety with resistance to blast disease.

?The institute is also credited with the release of Maize hybrid *Pusa Super Sweet Corn 1* with high sweetness and good fodder quality.

▪️Two new wheat genotypes *HI 1612 and HD 8777* developed by ICAR-IARI

? *Pusa Aditi* grape hybrid was released by the Delhi State Variety Release Committee for its commercial cultivation in NCR region.

▪️ Grape Hybrid- *Pusa Swarnika* (Hur x Cardinal) a sweet and big berry type was released during Convocation-2018.

▪️Five mango hybrids, namely *H-11-2, H-8-11, H-3-2, H-1-5 and NH-7-2* have been performing consistently better in terms of regularity in bearing, yield, red peel colour and desirable fruit quality traits were identified for multiplication and further evaluation on a large scale.

?In mango, polyembryonic rootstock Odor was identified as potential rootstock for *Pusa Arunima* for improving yield and fruit quality.

▪️Two varieties cherry tomato *Pusa Cherry Tomato-1* and onion *Pusa Sobha* have been released and notified by CVRC for cultivation under protected condition in Delhi NCR

▪️Onion variety *Pusa Sona* has been released by All India Network Project on Onion and Garlic and recommended for notification by CVRC.

▪️Ten new varieties

? Longmelon *Pusa Utkarsh*

? round melon *Pusa Raunak*

?cucumber (parthenocarpic, gynoecious) *Pusa Seedless Cucumber-6*

?muskmelon *Pusa Madhurima* & *Pusa Sarda*

?brinjal *Pusa Safed Baingan-1* & *Pusa Hara Baingan-1*

?okra (resistant to YVMV) *Pusa Bhindi-5*

?garden pea *Pusa Prabal*

? chenopodium *PusaBathua Green*

Two hybrids  ?
?sponge gourd *Pusa Shrestha*

? bitter gourd *Pusa Hybrid-4*

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