Vegetable Classification PDF Download Important For Competitive Exam

Vegetable Classification PDF Download

Vegetable Classification PDF Download

Quite a large number of vegetable crops are grown in the country either on a commercial scale or limited to backyards of homesteads. Vegetable Classification PDF Download

A few crops have similarity while others have dissimilarity in their climatic and soil requirements, parts, used, method of cultivation etc.

While describing individual vegetables, there is possibility of repetition in many aspects. In order to avoid repetition, it is essential to classify or group into different classes/groups. Vegetable Classification PDF Download

Vegetable Classification PDF Download

Different methods of classification followed in vegetables are described below:

Botanical classification Botanical classification is based on taxonomical relationship among different vegetables. Vegetable Classification PDF Download

Plant kingdom is divided into four viz.

Thallophyta, Bryophyta, Pteriodophyta and Spermatophyte.

All vegetables belong to division Angiospermae of Spermatophyta. It is further divided into two classes viz., Monocotyledoneae and dicotyledoneae. Vegetable Classification PDF Download

Classification based on hardiness

This classification is based on ability to withstand frost and low temperature and it will be useful to know season of cultivation of a crop.

Here the vegetable crops are classified into hardy, semi hardy and tender. Hardy vegetables tolerate frost and low temperature and are basically winter or cool season or temperate vegetables. Vegetable Classification PDF Download

Warm season or subtropical or tropical vegetables are considered as tender since they cannot withstand frost. Temperate vegetables, in general, can be stored for long periods under low temperature. Vegetable Classification PDF Download

Tropical vegetables are bulky and more perishable compared to temperate vegetables.

Classification based on cultural requirement

This is the most convenient and widely used system of classification of vegetables.

Vegetables having similar cultural requirements are grouped together and placed in one group.

For eg., crops belonging to group Cucurbits are seed propagated, direct sown, trailing and vigorous growing, cross pollinated and the cultural practice are almost same. Vegetable Classification PDF Download

Classification based on season of cultivation

This is one of the most important classifications from the grower’s point of view since majority of vegetables are season bound and specific to particular seasons.

Vegetables are classified into summer season crops, rainy season crops and winter season crops based on growth and production during particular seasons. Vegetable Classification PDF Download

Spring / summer season prevails from February to June / July under North Indian plains and from January to May / June in South Indian plains.

October to January is winter season, experiencing chilling temperature, in most parts of the country. However, in high rain warm humid climatic condition of Kerala, a distinct winter season is lacking and rainy season starts from June and extents up to September.

Here vegetable crops can be grouped as rainy season, mild winter season, and summer season crops.

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