Vegetable Cultivation One Liner For Competitive exam -2

Vegetable Cultivation One Liner

Vegetable Cultivation One Liner


Quest.Cultivation practise followed in cucurbits

Ans.Daria cultivation

Quest.Cultivated pumpkin is botanically known as

Ans.Cucurbita moschata

Quest.Seed rate of pumpkin

Ans.1.0-1.5 kg/ha

Quest.Chief pollinator of pumpkin

Ans.Honey bee

Quest.PKM 1 is a variety of

Ans.Snake guord (Vegetable Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Botanical name of bottle gourd

Ans.Lagenaria siceraria

Quest.Seed rate of bottle gourd

Ans.3-4 kg/ha

Quest.Popular varieties of bottle guard

Ans.Pusa Summer Prolific long, Summer Prolific Round, Pusa Manjari, Pusa Megdoot

Quest.Which cucurbit is also known as Bitter cucumber

Ans.Bitter gourd

Quest.Seed rate of bitter gourd

Ans.4.5-5 kg/ha (Vegetable Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Gynomonoecious flowers are found in


Quest.Pusa Sanyog is a variety of


Quest.Fruit type of cucumber is


Quest.Bitterness in cucumber is due to


Quest.Pusa Nasdar and Satputia are popular varieties of

Ans.Ridge guard (Vegetable Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Trichosanthus dioca is botanical name of

Ans.Pointed gourd

Quest.Pointed gourd is propagated through

Ans.Vine cutting

Quest.Pusa Chikni, Pusa Supriya and Harita are the varieties of

Ans.Sponge guard

Quest.How much water contains by water melon fruit?


Quest.The seed rate of water melon

Ans.3.5-5 kg/ha (Vegetable Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Sugar Baby is the popular variety of

Ans.Water melon

Quest.Pusa bedana is a cross of

Ans.Tetra-2 × Pusa Rasal

Quest.Pink bedana is the variety of

Ans.Musk melon

Quest.Fruit of okra is known as


Other Vegetables

Quest.Richest source of protein is

Ans.Beans (Vegetable Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.The seed rate of okra is

Ans.8-10 kg/ha

Quest.Pusa Sawani and Parbhani Kranti is famous variety of


Quest.Yellow vein mosaic resistant variety of okra

Ans.Pusa Sawani

Quest.A deep rooted crop is

Ans.Sweet potato

Quest.Edible part of cabbage


Quest.Seed rate of cabbage is

Ans.350-500 gm/ha (Vegetable Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Anti-cancer property of cabbage is due to


Quest.The botanical name of cauliflower

Ans.Brassica oleracia.var botrytis

Quest.Seed rate of cauliflower is

Ans.500-600 gm/ha

Quest.Edible part of cauliflower


Quest.The important process of cauliflower

Ans.Blanching (Vegetable Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Pusa Snowball is a variety of


Quest.Seed rate of knol khol is

Ans.1-1.5 kg/ha

Quest.Economic part of knol khol is

Ans.Extended stem

Quest.Temperature required for bolting in onion is

Ans.< 15°C

Quest.Japanese white is a variety of

Ans.Raddish (Vegetable Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.The variety of carrot which is richest source of vitamin A

Ans.Pusa Meghali

Quest.IIHR is located at


Quest.Which growth regulator is isolated from yam?


Quest.Only tuber crop, which is rich in protein?


Quest.Toxic substance present in colocasia

Ans.Ca oxalate (Vegetable Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.The product of cassava is


Quest.Pungency in garlic is due to

Ans.Alicin, Allinase

Quest.Economical part of sweet potato

Ans.Adventious roots

Quest.Pungency of onion is due to

Ans.Allyl Propide di-sulphide

Quest.Irritation of eye due to cutting onion is due to presence of

Ans.Pyruvic acid

(Vegetable Cultivation One Liner)

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