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Vegetable Garden

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Vegetable garden can be classified into 7 different types according to the purpose for which they have been developed.

These are :-

1.Kitchen Garden

2.Market Garden

3.Truck Garden

4.Forcing Garden

5.Prossesing Garden

6.Seed Production Garden

7.Floating Garden


Area under required for kitchen gardening is 250 sq metere.It aims solely to produce vegetables for the consumption of one’s own house.Genarally, cultivation of vegetables is in this system of gardening is practiced in yard of house.Kitchen gardening supplies vegetables continuously thhroughout the year.In this system of gardening most of the works are performed by the family members.Hence,it is very helpful to select back portion of the house for vegetable cultivation.Also,we can use our waste water from bathroom as rrigation.Kitchen wastes is also dumped in nearby digged pit which is used as organic manure.

The selected site schould be free from shade of house or planted trees.So, crops can get proper amount of sunlight.

It should be very very beneficial plant perennial trees in north direction,to avoiding shade to the garden.Preference should be given to those vegetables which are early maturing consumed afresh in the kitchen.Ex.Brinjal,Chilli,Tomato,Okra,Amaranth,Spinach,Criander,Radish,Onion,French beans,Cluster beans etc.

In cities there is the limitations of land,so they can go for growing vegetables in pots.Ex.cucurbitaceous crops

Vegetable Garden

 Kitchen garden


About 25% of Indian populations are dwelling in cities.The city dweller neither have time nor land to grow vegetables.To supply fresh vegetables to them ,this system of vegetable gardening is developed.The vegetables are grown in the suburb of cities,mostly in periphery of 10 to 20 km distance.

The land being costly ,intensive methods of cultivation are followed.A market gardener will like to grow early varieties to catch the early market.The high cost land and labour is compensated by the availability of municipal compost,sludge and water near the cities.Mostly the sale of the vegetables is ensured by the grower himself.It helps in higher profit.

Vegetable Garden

market garden


The word ‘truck ‘has been derived from french word ‘troquer’ which means ‘to barter’.The word truck has no relationship with motor truck.The location of this type of garden is determined by the soil and  climate factors suitable for raising particular crop.Ex.The truck gardens for onion and garlic are situated in Nasik and for potato in Kufri{SHIMLA} as the climates of these places are favourable to these crops an give bumper production.

The cost of land may be cheap and cheap labour may be available.As the produce is sold to distant market, the involvement of middleman becomes necessary.Vegetables which sustain long distant transportation without any damage are good for truck grdening.Ex.Onion,Elephant foot yam,Colocassia,etc. are ideal vagetable crops for this gardening system.

With the development of a quick and easy transport system the distintion between the market and truck gardens is continuously dimnishing.


This type of garden is concerned with the production with the production of vegetables out of their normal season.Ex.Early sowing of cucurbits in DIARA land.

Diara lands are extensively found in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam and Orissa. Usually these lands are available only for a shortperiod, and landless, small and marginalfarmers cultivate on these lands the seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Another structures for forcing gardening are poly-houses.Crops like cucumber and tomato cannot grown outside during cooler months and as they are required through out the year,they are grow under this polyhouse.In India this type of gareden has very little chance to develop.The purchaching capacity of the general people being low,they will not able to pay the extra cost incurred force vegetables out of season.

Mushrooms being fat free and low calorie yielder ,remains in much demand.


Processing gardens chiefly aim to supply vegetables to processing factories and are mostly located around the processing industries.The vegetables of a particular type with particular varieties are grown for processing purpose.Bulk production and regular supply of vegetables throughout the season are required to run the processing unit.

Ex.Arkel{dehydration} and Early Badger{canning} varieties of peas,Roma ,Punjab Chhuhara and S-152 varieties of tomatoand Kufri Chipsona{for chips} variety of potato are worth  for processinf industry.

This system of gardening is not very common in India because processing units purchacse the vegetables from market.If they will purchase directly from field ,then the gardening system will enhanced


Improved seeds of vegetables capable of high yield and tolerance to biotic {diseases&pests} and abiotic{climatic}stresses are in great demand.Many private enterprenuers are in the field of seed production.This type of vegetable gardening mainly aims to cultivate vegetables for seeds production purpose.The cultivation of vegetablesis practised at commercially large acreage.Ex-For producing seeds of early varieties of cauliflower,hilly terrains where low temperature regimes prevail for considerable period is selected.

The varieties within a single a single type of vegetable are grown at proper distance from another variety of the same veetable.This distance maintained between two varieties to produce genetically pure seed is called as ISOLATION DISTANCE.

For highly cross pollinated vegetable like spinach,carrot,onion,turnip,and cole crops , isolation distance is 1000 to 2000 metres.

For often cross pollinated crops like brinjal,chilli,and okra ,isolation distance is 200 to 400 metres.

For cucurbits ,isolation distance is 400 to 800 metres.

For self pollinated crop,isolation distance is 50 to 100 metres.

In seed production farming ,rearing of honey bees in hives increases the yield and quality of seeds .They helps in transfer of pollens from one flower to another flower.


Floating gardens–a concept which is not new to India thanks to Srinagar’s Dal Lake–are farms made on water bodies. Bamboo beds with an average size of 20ft x 5ft x 1ft are constructed and floated on the water bodies.These gardens are excellent support base for landless laborers and to reduce poverty and improve food security in rural areas.

Vegetable GardenVegetable Garden


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