Weather and Climate

In Climatology, the terms “Weather” and “Climate” have different connotations.

Weather refers to the state of atmosphere at any give time denoting the short-term variations of atmosphere in terms of temperature, pressure, wind, moisture cloudiness, precipitation and visibility. It is highly variable, constantly changing, sometimes from hour to hour and at other times from day to day. The afore-mentioned properties of the atmosphere are subject to constant change and their state at any time determines the state of the weather.

However, weather elements are not separate rather they are closely related with each other.

Climate on the other hand, is the sum or total of the variety of weather conditions of place or an area. It may be defined as the sum of all statistical weather information of a particular area during a specified interval of time, usually several decades. The WMO has suggested standard period of 31 years for calculating the climatic averages of different weather elements.

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