Weed Management MCQ for Competitive Exam – 4

Q.1.Surface germinating weed seeds are at depth

a). 1 cm

b). 2.5 cm

c). 7.5 cm

d).15 cm

Q.2.Consumptive use of wheat is

a). 800 mm

b). 679 mm

c). 979 mm

d). 479 mm

Q.3.Percent reduction in yield in case of onion due to weeds is

a). 20-30

b). 30-35

c). 60-70


Q.4.Production practices that influence weed shift are

a). Effectiveness of weed management program

b). Speed of weed shift occurrence

c). Interface areas

d). All

Q.5.Test weight of Phalaris minor is

a).10 g

b).15 g

c). 7g

d). 2 g

Q.6.One to two flushes of weeds are destroyed before planting of crop is called

a). Stale seed bed

b). Blind hoeing

c). Weeding

d). Summer ploughing

Q.7.Struggle for survival and existence is called

a). Critical period

b). Competition

c). Dormancy

d). Persistence

Q.8.Weed responsible for forest fire is

a). Aligator weed

b). Sorghum halepense

c). Lantana

d). Amaranthus

Q.9.Active toxic material present in the formulation is

a). Acid equivalent

b). Phytochemical

c). Active ingredient

d). Surfactant

Q.10.To compete comes from the word competere which is

a). Greek

b). German

c). Latin

d). English

Q.11.The period at which maximum crop weed competition occurs is

a). Critical period

b). Dormancy

c). Flaming


Q.12.An ingredient added to a formulation for enhancing the action of toxicant is called

a). Adsorbent

b). Adjuvant

c). Antidote

d). Active ingredient

Q.13.Which of the following is used to reduce toxicity

a). Reductant

b). Safener

c). Adsorbent

d). Adjuvant

Q.14.Critical period of crop weed competition in sugarcane is

a). 30-40 days

b). 30-120 days

c). 10-40 days

d). 15-30 days

Q.15.Generally weeds seeds are abundant at a depth of

a). 1.0-1.5cm

b). 5 cm



Q.16.Which herbicide group inhibitor the photosynthesis reaction ?

a). Thiocarbamates

b). Triazines

c). Cyclohexanedione

d). Benzoic acid

Q.17.Which herbicide group inhibit the lipid synthesis?

a). Cyclohexanedione

b). Acetanilides

c). Uracils

d). Nitriles

Q.18.A pre plant incorporated herbicide

a). Paraquat

b). Delapon

c). Uracils

d). Fluchloralin

Q.19.Which herbicide is systemic and translocated type ?

a). Atrazine

b). Diuron

c). Paraquat

d). Glyphosate

Q.20.Which herbicide is used in aquatic weed control?

a). Acrolein

b). Delapon

c). Diuron

d). Picloram

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