Wheat Oneliner For Competitive Exam

Wheat Oneliner

✅Botanical name of wheat is: Triticum aestivum

✅Origin place of wheat is: South West Asia (Turkey)

✅Wheat is called as ‘king of cereals! World staple food grain is: Wheat

✅Wheat ranks first in the world among the cereals both in respect of area and production In India wheat crop stand second after rice among the cereals both in respect of area and production

✅The state having highest area and production of wheat in India: Uttar Pradesh.

✅Maximum productivity of wheat is in: Punjab (4.2 tha) Protein content of wheat is about 13%.

✅The wheat protein which is essential for good bread quality and chapati making is:Gluten

✅Wheat protein are deficient in essential amino acid: Lysine

✅Macaroni wheat is: Triticum durum

✅Flowering portion of wheat is called: Spike

✅The spike is held inside by: Flag Leaf

✅Fruit type of wheat is: Caryopsis

✅Test weight of wheat seeds: 40 gm

✅Bio-fertilizer suitable for wheat seed is: Azotobacter

✅Seed rate required for wheat sowing under normal conditions: 100 kg/ha Optimum spacing recommended for wheat sowing (row to row): 22.5cm

✅ Optimum depth of wheat sowing is: 5 cm

✅The optimum temperature range for ideal germination of agrilearner wheat seed is: 20 to 25°C

✅Primary roots in wheat that support and nourish the plants at initial stage is called: Seminal roots

✅Most suitable cropping system for wheat in mixed cropping are: Wheat + Mustard, Wheat + Chickpea

✅Recommended ratio for wheat+mustard intercropping is: 9:1

✅Mustard is very common crop usually intercropped with wheat. Most critical stage of water requirement in wheat is: CRI (21 DAS)

✅Crop which has highest total area under irrigation is: Wheat

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