100 Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam – 75

Agriculture Oneliner

1. What is the mean of ration?

Ans. It is allowance feed given to animal for a period of 24 hours.

2. Roughages are the feed stuff which contains more than ____of crude fiber and less than ____ of TDN.?

Ans. 18% , 60%

3. What should be the maximum concentration of crude fiber in poultry ration?

Ans. 6 to 8%

4. What should be the temperature of water present in an artificial vagina while collecting the semen?

Ans. 45°C

5. Dairy cow with “Very Good” grade scores ____ points in judging score card ?

Ans. 85-90

6. Colostrum is given to:?

Ans. New born calves only

7. Berseem contains ____ of crude protein?

Ans. 17-19%

8. Back crossing means?

Ans. Mating of crossbred female to one of its pure breed parent

9. Onion is which kind of crop?

Ans. Long day plant

10. Scab or wart like lesions on featherless part of body such as comb and wattles is symptom of which of the following disease?

Ans. Fowl pox

11. Nutrients which are required by plants in small quantity are referred as?

Ans. Micro nutrients

12. 2 kg bran plus 1kg jaggery or molasses moistened with lukewarm water is given to?

Ans. Freshly calved cow or buffalo

13. Milk secreting hormone oxytocin is secreted from?

Ans. Posterior pituitary gland

14. Milk produced by which of the following method is more hygienic?

Ans. Machine milking

15. Which is the oldest method for poultry keeping?

Ans. Free Range system

16. Which is the best crop for hay making?

Ans. Green oat

17. Which acid is used in the Gerber fat testing method?

Ans. Sulphuric acid

18. Which part of ruminant stomach contains 100 folds from inside called as laminae?

Ans. Omasum

19. Which of the following is not a productive roughage?

Ans. Green maize

20. Which is not the part of male reproductive system?

Ans. Fallopian tubes

21. Which is a deep rooted crop?

Ans. Tomato

22. A dry matter intake/100 kg body weight is recommended for breeding bull.

Ans. 2 kg

23. Which is an external parasite of agrilearner poultry bird?

Ans. Mites

24. Piroplasmosis is also known as?

Ans. Babesiosis

25. Wheat is a __season crop?

Ans. Rabi

26. On an average every cow or buffalo produces how much kg dungs.?

Ans. 10-20kg

27. Which crop belongs to the legume family?

Ans. Gram

28. Which is also known as wind pipe of animal respiratory system?

Ans. Trachea

29. In silage preparation after sealing, what happens to nitrate-N?

Ans. Decreases

30. Leafy vegetables are mainly grown during .?

Ans. Winter season

31. How much space is required for egg poultry is?

Ans. 1.5sq.ft

32. Starter feed contains maximum of?

Ans. Protein

33. Most dangerous disease of chicken is?

Ans. Ranikhet

34. Which disease spread through virus in cattle is?

Ans. Foot and Mouth disease

35. Anthrax is caused by?

Ans. Bacteria

36. Severe bloat is removed by tools?

Ans. Trocar cannula

37. Which is the best method of milking?

Ans. Full hand method

38. What is the boiling point of milk (in Celsius) is?

Ans. >100

39. Which hormone helps in let down of milk?

Ans. Oxytocin

40. Milk sugar is also known by the name of ?

Ans. Lactose

41. TV Broadcast for Rural development was started in 

Ans. 1957

42. Mango mealy bug female lay eggs in

Ans. Soil

43. Most common widely used Herbicide in soybean in

Ans. Imazethapyr

44. Best method for agrilearner quantities estimation of changes in soil moisture

Ans. Neutron moisture meter

45. Drop size of < 0.5 mm called as

Ans. Drizzle

46. Lines connecting points of equal sunshine hrs called as

Ans. Isohels

47. Revised weight of Urea bag is

Ans. 45kg (Asked in IBPS 2019)

48. Fruit having highest yield tone/ha

Ans. Papaya

49. National Forest Commission was set up in

Ans. 2002

50. National Organic Farming Research Institute (NOFRI) being set up in

Ans. Sikkim

51. Year known as International Horticulture Year

Ans. 2012

52. PMFBY was launched in

Ans. 18 Feb, 2016

53. Full form of FCAC Programme

Ans. Farmers Capacity Assessment & Certification

54. Tractor loan is

Ans. Medium term loan

55. Oil seed having highest percentage share of total cropped area

Ans. Groundnut

56. BBF method widely practiced in which crop

Ans. Groundnut

57. KCC Scheme was launched in

Ans. 1998-1999

58. Which state has highest average yield kg/ha of Rice

Ans. Punjab

59. Damaging stage of Mustard saw fly

Ans. Caterpillars

60. At present farming system of India has become

Ans. Market oriented 

61. For providing inputs like quality seeds, fertilizers & pesticide the agency which is present at village panchayat samiti level

Ans. Cooperative society 

62. Most popular Extra early maturing variety of Pigeon Pea is

Ans. UPAS 120

63. Seed potato from hilly regions of India is preferred because 

Ans. It is disease free 

64. The correct sequence of operations which are practiced in Tobacco 

Ans. 1) Topping 2) Desuckering 3) Priming 

65. EC & SAR of Normal soil is

Ans. EC < 4 & SAR < 13

66. Rubisco enzyme play Important role in

Ans. Photosynthesis 

67. Which one is not measures of central tendency

Ans. Frequency 

68. The statement being tasted in test of statistical Significance is called as

Ans. Null hypothesis 

69. Drifts hazards of 2,4-D is mostly observed in

Ans. Cotton 

70. Bt was discovered by 

Ans. S. Ishwata

71. Suitable time to Budding in Rose is

Ans. Dec to Jan 

72. Cleistogamy encourages 

Ans. Self pollination 

73. Fungus associated with late night of Tomato

Ans. Phytophthora infestans 

74. The most important causal organism responsible for the spoilage & rotting of vegetables is

Ans. Bacteria 

75. Mycoplasma is sensitive to 

Ans. Tetracycline 

76. Which one is unit less measure of dispersion

Ans. Coefficient of variation 

77. Krebs cycle produce

Ans. 30 ATP 

78. Soil pH Generally increased in the season of

Ans. Winter

79. Pinjore Garden is the type of garden

Ans. Formal style garden

80. Potato variety which is extra early

Ans. Kufri Ashoka

81. First stable Compound in Calvin /C3 cycle 

Ans. C3 Compound 

82. Which fruit required heavy pruning 

Ans. Ber

83. A cross of an inbred line with an open pollinated variety is known as

Ans. Top cross

84. In Maize Ganga Safed 2 is

Ans. Double top crossed hybrid

85. Tomato variety suitable for transport and processing

Ans. Punjab chhuhara

86. Micronutrient which is essential for synthesis of Auxins

Ans. Zn

87. During Mitosis chromosomal DNA duplication takes place in

Ans. Interphase

88. Acid content is a very important consideration for the preparation of

Ans. Jelly

89. Sand drown disease of tobacco is due to deficiency of

Ans. Mg

90. Which is gram storage pest

Ans. Callosobruchus chinensis

91. Insecticide Act was passed in

Ans. 1968

92. Chlorophyll type which have green black micro crystalline solid is

Ans. Chlorophyll b

93. Initiation of milk secretion is called

Ans. Lacto genesis

94. Optimum moisture content for Wheat storage is

Ans. 12%

95. Hybrid seed can be produced through agrilearner open pollination with the use of

Ans. Male sterile line

96. Silver fish belong to the order of

Ans. Thysanura

97. Site of protein synthesis in a cell is

Ans. Ribosome

98. Pest which attacks all parts of Plant is

Ans. Termite

99.  Ooze test is done to detect for

Ans. Bacteria

100. Specific gravity of Milk fat is

Ans. 0.93

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