Agri- Forestry MCQ For Competitive Exam – 94

Agri- Forestry MCQ

# The census method followed for Asiatic lion is

(a) Pugmark

(b) Call

(c) Waterhole

(d) Transect

# Pick the odd man out- Orthodox seed

(a) Acacia

(b) Eucalyptus

(c) Terminalia

(d) Shorea

# Formula of glorious simplicity

(a) Haward’s formula

(b) Von Montel’s formula

(c) Smythie’s formula

(d) Heyer’s formula

# The bridge which is having one or more spans bridged over by beams is

(a) Suspension bridge

(b) Girder bridges

(c) Cantilever bridges

(d) Arched bridges

# The last forest policy was formulated during the year

(a) 1998

(b) 1972

(c) 1988

(d) 1952

# The discount rate at which NPV is zero is called

(a) BC ratio

(b) IRR

(c) GNP

(d) None

# Pick the odd man out: Defects due to rupture of tissues

(a) Twist

(b) Split

(c) Check

(d) Shake

# Marine borer: (pick the odd man out)

(a) Limnoria

(b) Teredo

(c) Banksia

(d) Cerambycidae

# Wavy-grain wood is attributable to

(a) Dalbergia latifolia

(b) Tectona grandis

(c) Pterocarpus santalinus

(d) Santalum album

# The decrease in the diameter of the stem of tree form the base upwards is called

(a) Bole

(b) Taper

(c) Clean bole

(d) Commercial bole

# Epicormic branches originate from

(a) Adventitious buds

(b) Axillary buds

(c) Meristematic regions

(d) Internodal buds

# Prop roots is a common phenomenon in

(a) Bamboo

(b) Rhizophora

(c) Ficus

(d) Heritieras

# Based on the methods of regeneration forests are classified as

(a) Even Aged and uneven aged

(b) Regular and irregular

(c) High and coppice

(d) Pure and mixed

# Trees which do not form part of the upper most leaf canopy but the leading of shoots of which are not definitely overtopped by the neighbouring trees are called

(a) Dominant

(b) Co-dominant

(c) Dominated

(d) Pre-dominants

# The mean annual temperature of montane sub-tropical forest ranged between

(a) 10°C and 18°C

(b) 7°C and 17°C

(c) 17°C and 24°C

(d) 18°C and 24°C

# A soil formed from parent material in situ is called

(a) Sedentary soil

(b) Secondary soil

(c) Alluvial soil

(d) Aeolian soil

# The term ‘forest succession’ was first used by

(a) Clement

(b) Cawles

(c) Thoreau

(d) Dawson

# Soil host properties are influenced mainly by parental materials

(a) Endodynamorphic

(b) Ectodynamorphic

(c) Endecto Gynomorphic

(d) None

# An organism on or within which another organism feeds and develops is called

(a) Parasites

(b) Epiphytes

(c) Host

(d) None of the above

# The C:N ratio considered suitable for measuring nitrate status of the soil is

(a) 17 : 1

(b) 10 : 1

(c) 33 : 1

(d) 15 : 1

# Pick the odd man out: Kind of thinning

(a) Crown

(b) Advanced

(c) Free

(d) Minimum

# Timbers which are capable of withstanding rapid seasoning are termed as

(a) Most refractory

(b) Non refractory

(c) Medium refractory

(d) Refractory

# Verbenaceae member (pick the odd man out )

(a) Vitex negundo

(b) Lantana

(c) Avicennia

(d) Vitis

# Member of the family Dipterocarpus (pick the odd man out )

(a) Hopeo

(b) Mesua

(c) Adina

(d) Shorea

# Nitrogen fixing non- leguminous tree

(a) Casuarina

(b) Albizia

(c) Acacia

(d) Leucaena

# Type of rotation (pick the odd man out )

(a) Regular

(b) Silvicultural

(c) Technical

(d) Financial

# The rotation followed for blue gum in the Nilgiris forest division was

(a) 8

(b) 10

(c) 12

(d) 14

# In remote sensing, the scale for small scale photography ranges between

(a) 1 : 40000 and 1 : 70000

(b) 1 : 20000 and 1 : 40000

(c) 1 : 5000 and 1 : 20000

(d) None

# For preparation of yield tables, the optimal number of sample plots for each thinning regime is

(a) 500

(b) 600

(c) 700

(d) 800

# The portion of the tree stem or log which is unmerchantable is called

(a) Decay

(b) Defect

(c) Cull

(d) Damaged

# The formula for converting d.o.b. into d.u.b. is

(a) g = g’ – 2πt

(b) g’ = g – sπh

(c) g = d’ – 2πt

(d) g = g’ – 2πh

# Artificial from factor is otherwise called as

(a) Absolute form factor

(b) Normal form factor

(c) Breast height form factor

(d) None

# Shisham defoliator is

(a) Hyblaea puera

(b) Plecoptera reflexa

(c) Calosoma beesoni

(d) Hypsipyla robusta

# Stem wilt in Casuarina is caused by

(a) Pseudomonas

(b) Trichosporium

(c) Corticium

(d) Ganoderma

# A forest fire spreading slowly over the ground with low flame is terms as

(a) Surface fire

(b) Creeping fire

(c) Ground fire

(d)Crown fire

# In softwood trees the conduction and mechanical functions are performed by

(a) Vessels

(b) Fibres

(c) Tracheids

(d) Pores 

# The distance from point to point of two adjacent teeth in a saw is called

(a) Kerf

(b) Gullet

(c) Space

(d) Width

# Calculate the basal area per ha if the number of tallied trees was 14 and the BAF of the wedge prism used is three

(a) 42 m2

(b) 14 m2

(c) 21 m2

(d) None

# ICFRE was established during the year

(a) 1986

(b) 1980

(c) 1975

(d) 1990

# The growth hormones used for shoot multiplication under in vitro condition are collectively called as

(a) Auxins

(b) Cytokinins

(c) Gibberellins

(d) Vitamins

# The length of gunter’s chain is

(a) 20 m

(b) 66 ft

(c) 100 ft

(d) 1000 cm

# The productive of Indian Forest is

(a) 2.1 m2 / ha

(b) 0.5 m2 / ha

(c) 1 m2 / ha

(d) 1.5 m2 / ha

# The easiest and best method to survey a small area is by

(a) Chain surveying

(b) Plane table

(c) Levelling

(d) Theodolite surveying

# The steepest gradient fixed for a particular stretch of road is

(a) Average

(b) Ruling

(c) Minimum

(d) Maximum

# The climax stage of estuarine succession

(a) Mangrove scrub

(b) Mixed forests of spruce and fir

(c) Evergreen forest

(d) Dry deciduous forest

# The instrument ‘wedge priam’ mainly used in

(a) Plot sampling

(d) Horizontal point sampling

(c) Vertical point sampling

(d) All of the above

# If the canopy density is between 0.75 and 1.0, then the forest is referred as

(a) Closed

(b) Dense

(c) Thin

(d) Open

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