Agricultural Economics MCQ For Competitive exam

Agricultural Economics MCQ

1. Share of capital to regional rural banks by central, commercial and state bank respectively is:

A. 35:50:15

B. 55:35:15

C. 50:35:15

D. 15:36:50

2. The book written by Alfred Marshall

A. Wealth of nations

B. Principles of economics

C. Das Kapital

D. General theory of employment, interest and money

3. Buying and selling comes under which form of utility

A. Time

B. Possession

C. Place

D. Form

4. If MP = AP then Elasticity Ep equals to

A. 0

B. 1

C. < 1

D. > 1

5. The main function of regional rural bank (RRB)

A. To advance loans to weaker sections

B. To open more number of branches in rural areas

C. To control inflation

D. To encourage deposit mobilisation

6. The agricultural price commission was set up in the year

A. 1975

B. 1970

C. 1965

D. 1969

7. Who is chairman of small farmers development agency (SFDA)

A. Agricultural minister

B. Agricultural officer

C. District collector


8. Under National agricultural insurance scheme (NAIS), crop claims maximum under

A. Cotton

B. Groundnut

C. Chillies

D. Sunflower

9. World bank is officially known as

A. Asian development bank

B. International bank for reconstruction and development

C. Agricultural refinance and development corporation


10. When MPP is zero

A. TPP declines

B. APP is negative

C. APP is positive

D. TPP is maximum

11. International organisation for standardization (ISO) came into existence in the year

A. 25th feb, 1989

B. 25th feb, 1947

C. 25th feb, 1975

D. 25th feb, 1951

12. Indian grain storage management and research institute is located at

A. Hapur

B. Ahmednagar

C. Pune

D. Saharanpur

13. Which of the following is considered as protector of national wealth

A. Processing unit

B. Transportation

C. Warehousing

D. Market information

14. Monopsony is the market situation in which

A. Single buyer

B. Single seller

C. Many sellers

D. None

15. Indian institute of packaging is established is located at

A. Delhi

B. Kolkata

C. Chennai

D. Mumbai

16. In regulated markets, ____ are regulated

A. Prices

B. Farmers behaviour

C. Traders behaviour

D. Marketing practices

17. In ————- market, future sale and purchase of commodities will take place at current time

A. Forward

B. International

C. Perfect

D. Spot

18. Export- import bank was established on 1st January

A. 1980

B. 1982

C. 1981

D. 1983

19. The government established TRIFED in

A. 1985

B. 1987

C. 1990

D. 2000

20. AGMARK seal will be issued by

A. Agricultural marketing advisor of DMI

B. Council of state agricultural marketing boards

C. Agricultural marketing director of DMI

D. None

21. Implicit cost may be considered as

A. Social cost

B. Private cost

C. Normal cost

D. Variable cost

22. National Dairy Development Board established in the year

A. 1964

B. 1968

C. 1967

D. 1965

23. Headquarters of National dairy development board is at

A. Maharashtra

B. Gujarat


D. Tamilnadu

24. National agricultural cooperative marketing federation (NAFED) established in the year

A. 1957

B. 1960

C. 1958

D. 1961

25. Father of modern economics

A. Adam smith

B. Alfred Marshall

C. J.M.Keynes

D. Lionell robbins

26. Headquarter of Marine product export and development authority is at

A. Mumbai

B. Kochi

D. Kolkata

E. Goa

27. Minimum support prices for major agricultural products are fixed by government

A. After sowing

B. In middle of crop period

C. Before start of sowing season

D. After harvesting

28. Headquarters of Bureau of Indian standards is at

A. Mumbai

B. New Delhi

C. Chennai

D. Hyderabad

29. Central AGMARK laboratory is at

A. Jaipur

B. Nagpur

C. Chennai

D. Hyderabad

30. Headquarters of National institute of agricultural marketing is at

A. Nagpur

B. Kolkata

C. Bangalore

D. Jaipur

31. Who is India’s first full time women finance minister?? Nirmala sitaraman

32. 10-20% inflation is called as

A. Running inflation

B. Walking inflation

C. Hyper inflation

D. Creeping inflation

33. National income is also known as

A. Gross national income at factor price

B. Net national income at factor price

C. Net national income at market price

D. None

34. At present exercise duty is also known as

A. Value added tax (VAT)

B. Ad Valorem tax

C. Central VAT

D. None

35. The financial year of world bank and Indian monetary fund (IMF) is from

A. April 1st – April 31st

B. April 1st – May 1st

C. April 1st – May 31st

D. April 31st – May 31st

36. Custom duty comes under

A. Indirect tax

B. Direct tax

C. Both A & B

37. Which union finance minister presented union budget for 10 times

A. Morarji Desai

B. Shanmukham chetty

C. Arun Jaitley

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