Agricultural Extension One Liner For Agri exam -2

Agricultural Extension One Liner

Agricultural Extension One Liner

Agricultural Extension One Liner

Quest.Round table discussion is called


Quest.Mostly widely used pamphlet size

Ans.12 to 24 pages

Quest.A published material on a small paper in which there is brief information of a subject


Quest.When a paper folds ones or twice with detail information on specific aspects is called as

Ans.Folder (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.A small published book consisting of 24 to 48 pages


Quest.A series of illustrated cards flashed before a group in proper sequence to tell a complete story step by step to the group of the learners.

Ans.Flash cards

Quest.For a group of 10-25, people use flash cards of size

Ans.10″x12″ (25 cm x 30 cm)

Quest.The letter used to send the same information to many people at the same time is called

Ans.Circular Letter

Quest.When two or more brief talks presenting phases of the some general topic called

Ans.Symposium (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.A systematic display of models, specimens, charts, real objects and any informative materials.


Quest.The basic principle of Demonstration

Ans.Learning by seeing and doing

Quest.The concept of demonstration was given by

Ans.Dr. Seeman A. Knapp

Quest.Method demonstration is

Ans.Short -type demonstration (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.The oldest form of teaching

Ans.Method demonstration

Quest.The main purpose of method demonstration is

Ans.To provide skill

Quest.The basic principle of method demonstration

Ans.Learning by doing

Quest.The father of method demonstration

Ans.Dr. Seeman A. Knapp

Quest.A single practice demonstration used to show method of sowing

Ans.Method demonstration (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.A demonstration practice used to compare two technologies i.e. old and new

Ans.Result demonstration

Quest.The demonstration used to improve skill, knowledge and attitude

Ans.Result demonstration

Quest.Result demonstration is based on

Ans.Seeing by doing

Quest.The front-line demonstrations conducted by researchers on the farmers field

Ans.National demonstrations

Quest.Tape-recorder, Radio and Telephone are

Ans.Audio Aids (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.Non-projected visual aids

Ans.Posters, Charts, Flashcards, Bulletin board, Photograph etc.

Quest.Television is a type of

Ans.Projected Audio Visual Aid

Quest.The best media to communicate with farmers and for village people


Quest.A transparent picture or photograph in an individual mount, projected through slide projector


Quest.The basic unit of civilization

Ans.Family (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.The basic unit of rural society


Quest.A family consists of husband, wife and their children known as

Ans.Nuclear family

Quest.The uniformly accepted ways of acting about some social aspects of life are known as :


Quest.They are uniformly accepted ways of thinking


Quest.Cooperative Movement (1904) was initiated by

Ans.F. Nicholson

Quest.Concept of Village Level Worker was related with the programme

Ans.Sri Niketan (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.Gurgaon Project (1920) was started by

Ans.Mr. F.L. Brayne

Quest.Young Men Christian Association was associated with

Ans.Marthandom Project (1928)

Quest.Rural Development programme was started on


Quest.The district level extension programme launched in independent India was in


Quest.Etawah Pilot Project (1948) was initiated by

Ans.Albert Mayer (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.Five year plans were started on


Quest.Community Development Project (CDP) was started on

Ans.2nd Oct, 1952

Quest.Which programme is called as Package programme

Ans.Intensive Agriculture District Programme (1960)

Quest.High Yielding Varietal Programme (HYVP) was started on


Quest.The programme initiated at occasion of ICAR Golden Jubille celebration

Ans.Lab to Land Programme (1979) (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.Training and Visit programme (1974) is also known as

Ans.Baster and Benor Scheme

Quest.Who had recommended Panchayat Raj System?

Ans.Balwant Rai Mehata Committee

Quest.The basic principle/slogan of TRYSEM was

Ans.Learning by doing

Quest.The primary aim of Integrated Rural development Programme (IRDP)

Ans.All round development of family

Quest.NABARD is started on

Ans.12th July, 1982 (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.A programme to provide atleast 100 days wage employment in rural areas

Ans.National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NAREGA, 2006)

Quest.A guarantee programme for the people below poverty line.

Ans.National Food Security Mission (2007)

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