Agricultural Extension One Liner For Agri Exam -1

Agricultural Extension One Liner

Agricultural Extension One Liner

Agricultural Extension one liner

Quest.An educational process to bring about desirable changes


Quest.‘Extension’ is a

Ans.Latin word

Quest.Extension activity was started first time in


Quest.The term “Extension education” was originated from

Ans.England (1866)

Quest.The term “Extension education” was firsed used by

Ans.Cambridge University, England (1873) (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.The father of extension education in India

Ans.J.P. Leagans

Quest.Extension education is both

Ans.Science and Art

Quest.The basic principle of extension education is

Ans.Help to those who helps themselves.

Quest.The right approach of Agril. Extension

Ans.Bottom up approach

Quest.‘EDUCARE’ (Latin word) means

Ans.To bringup physically or mentally. (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.A statement of situation, objectives, problems and solutions


Quest.The process by which human behavior is modified


Quest.Extension education is

Ans.Informal education

Quest.School education is

Ans.Formal education

Quest.Situation, Objectives, teaching, evaluation and reconsideration are the steps of

Ans.Extension education (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.Attention interest desire conviction action satisfaction are the steps of

Ans.Extension teaching

Quest.An understood information possessed by a person


Quest.The process of working with rural people in an effort to recognize the problems and determine possible solutions.

Ans.Programme planning

Quest.The father of rural sociology

Ans.August Compte

Quest.The science of human behaviours

Ans.Psychology (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.The interchange of ideas between two persons, in such a way that they act on the existing knowledge to achieve some useful results


Quest.The suitable medium to establish commonness between sender and receiver of message


Quest.Communication is a

Ans.Two way/Double way Process

Quest.Shannon and Weaver (1949) proposed model of communication

Ans.Source Transmitter Signal Receiver Destination

Quest.Berlo Model of communication (1960)

Ans.Source Encoder Message Signal Decoder Receiver (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.Leagans Model (1963) is

Ans.Communicator Message Channel Treatment Audience Audience response

Quest.Speaker Speech Audience is a communication model proposed by


Quest.A specific way adopted by the communicator to communicate his message effectively so that whole message is understood by maximum number of audience.

Ans.Treatment of message

Quest.The process by which an innovation is communicated through certain channels overtime among the members of a social system


Quest.A decision to continue full use of an innovation

Ans.Adoption (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.The mental process through which individual passes from fires hearing about an innovation to final adoption.

Ans.Adoption process

Quest.Stages of adoption are

Ans.Awareness Interest Evaluation Trial Adoption

Quest.An attention with a sense of concerns focused upon some object


Quest.Which stage of adoption helps to establish “Bench mark”?

Ans.Evaluation (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.The people who adopt immediately after getting knowledge and constitutes only 2.5% of the total population.


Quest.The people adopt through local leaders and constitute only 13.5% of the total population.

Ans.Early adopters

Quest.The percentage population of early majority over total population


Quest.The farmer who accepts new practices very last with in his social system is known as

Ans.Laggard (16 per cent)

Quest.A process by which an idea or innovation spreads

Ans.Diffusion (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.The process of arranging situations that stimulate and guide learning activities in order to bring desirable changes in the behaviour of people


Quest.Traditional teaching method


Quest.Central element in learning situation


Quest.A mental and/or physical reaction that makes through seeing

Ans.Learning experience

Quest.The method of face-to-face or person-to-person contact between the rural people and extension workers

Ans.Individual contact (Agricultural Extension One Liner)

Quest.Farm and home visit, Office calls, Telephone calls, Personal letters, Result
Demonstration are comes under

Ans.Individual contact

Quest.A method in which 20 to 30 rural people or farmers are contacted in a group


Quest.Conferences, Pannel, Symposium, Discussion, Meeting, Workshops, Field trips, Tour are comes under

Ans.Group contact

Quest.The media used for mass contact

Ans.Radio, Television, Exhibitions, Bulletins, Leaflets, News letter, Circular letters,
Posters, folder/pamphlet etc.

Quest.A sheet of paper with pictorial slogan, which is utilized to attract the mass attention for single idea.


Quest.The most common size of poster

Ans.50cm x 75cm

(Agricultural Extension One Liner)

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