Agricultural One-liners for Competitive Exam – 2

1. The main aim of Topping and Desuckering is to divert the energy and nutrient of plant from flower to leaves.

2. The removal of the lateral branches or suckers or auxiliary buds is called – Desuckring

3. Central Tobacco Research Institute is situated at – Raja – h – Mundri, AP (1947)

4. The richest source of protein among the food grain is – Pulses

5. Head quarter of Directorate of Pulses Research is located in – Kanpur, UP

6. Which pulse crop doesn’t fix Nitrogen from atmosphere – Rajma

7. The word Pulse is derived from – French world ‘pottage‘ or ‘poride’ means – Soup (dal)

8. The term Legume is taken from a Latin word which means ‘to collect’

9. India is the largest producer of – Gram

10. The sour taste of gram leaf is due to presence of – Maleic acid(60%) and Oxalic acid

11. Shelling % of Pea is 49%

12. Harvest index of Arahar is 19%

13. Origin of Arahar is from – Africa

14. Queen of cereals is called Maize

15. The composite cultivars of maize are – Kisan , jawahar, Amber ,Vijay , Sona , Vikaram, etc.

16. Maize is a C4 Plant

17. In India the rank first state in area and production of Maize is UP

18. The maize Protein is called- Zein

19. Male inflorescence of maize is called –Tassel

20. The critical stage for water application in maize is – Tasseling and Silking stage

21. Which Indian scientist shared World Food Prize for Miracle Maize – Dr. Sruinder K.Vasal (2000)

22. Origin of Maize from – Mexico

23. All India Coordinated Maize Improvement Project was started in –1957 at New Delhi

24. Double cross technique for hybrid seed production was developed by – D.F. Jones (1920)

25. The idea of hybrid maize was first conceived by : E.M. east and G.H. Shull (1910)

26. The criteria for harvesting of sugarcane – Withering of lower leaves ,brix 20 % , sucrose 15 %

27. Align planting method of sugarcane is evolved by – Allahabad Agriculture Institute , Allahabad , UP

28. Adhsali sugarcane is common in Maharashtra

29. Sugarcane is planted in furrows because – it reduce lodging

30. Inflorescence of sugarcane is generally called – Arrow or Open Panicle.

31. Sucrose content in cane is – 13-14 %

32. Sugar from juice is – 6-10%

33. Hand Refractometer reading for sugarcane maturity is 20 (Brix Value)

34. Sugarcane Breeding Institute is situated at – Coimbatore

35. Adhsali Sugar cane crop mature in 18 months

36. Father of hybrid rice is – Yuan Long Pin

37. India’s first dwarf rice variety released during 1968 was Jaya .

38. World’s first high yielding semi dwarf basmati rice variety is – Pusa Basmati – 1

39. World’s first super rice variety for saline / alkaline soil – Lunishree

40. Harvesting of paddy is done at moisture content – 21-23 %

41. First mutant variety of rice is Jagannath (Gamma ray irradiation of T-141)

42. Which gas is released from field of paddy – Methane (CH4)

43. SRI technique was originated in Madagascar in 1987 by Prof. Henry De Laulanie

44. First super fine aromatic basmati hybrid is – Pusa RH-10

45. Oilseed production programme was started during – 1990-91

46. Technology mission on oilseed was established on 1986

47. National Research Centre for groundnut was established at Junagarh (Gujarat)

48. Indian central Oilseed Committee was established on 1947

49. All India Coordinated Project on Oilseeds was established during 1967

50. Main adulteration in Mustard – Argemone mexicana oil

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