Agriculture Current Affair 16 March 2021

Covid leaves Tirur betel leaf trade in shreds

The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and subsequent lockdown have affected the prospects of Kerala betel leaf farmers in fully exploiting the business potential of the Tirur Vettila — the unique betel leaf variety from Malappuram district that has got a Geographical Indication (GI) tag.

With a significantly higher content of total chlorophyll and protein, the Tirur betel leaf or vettila has more pungency than many other cultivars. Eugenol is the major essential oil contributing to its pungency. The GI tag was conferred on the variety in January last year.

Natco Pharma to launch pheromone product to control Pink Bollworm in cotton crop

Natco Pharma Ltd is panning to launch its first Green Label Pheromone product for Effective Management of Pink Bollworm (PBW) in cotton crop duirng Kharif 2021.

“Natco Pharma is pleased to announce its foray into Pheromone based mating disruption technology for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution to farmers in India,” the Hyderabad drug maker said in a statement on Monday.

Profit booking saps rubber

Spot rubber made all-round gains on Monday. RSS 4 improved to ₹170 (169) per kg, according to traders and the Rubber Board.

The grade crossed the Minimum Support Price (MSP) offered by the Kerala government to hit an intra-day high of ₹171 a kg on early trades, but failed to sustain at higher levels probably due to profit booking.

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