Agriculture Current Affair 17 December 2022

Revive trade in banned agri commodities, commodity participants’ body urges SEBI

The bar expires on December 19 and conditions are amenable for resumption of trading, says CPAI

The Commodity Participants Association of India (CPAI) has urged the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to resume normal trading in agricultural commodities such as soyabean and its complex, mustard seed and its complex, chana (gram), wheat, paddy, moong and crude palm oil once the one-year ban on their trading expires on December 19.

In a letter to SEBI Chairperson Madhvi Puri Buch, CPAI President Narinder Wadhwa said conditions are amenable for the resumption of trading in these commodities.

Namakkal eggs exported to Malaysia on a trial basis

Malaysia has been facing a shortage of table eggs for the past few months

Around 90,000 eggs were airlifted from Tiruchirapalli airport on Wednesday night to Malaysia to tide over the shortage of eggs there. The trial shipment was sent after the Malaysian Agriculture and Food Security Minister approached the Indian Embassy at Kuala Lumpur seeking to import Indian eggs as Malaysia has been facing a shortage of table eggs for the past few months. The High Commissioner of India at Kuala Lumpur wrote to the Centre on December 12 detailing the egg shortage in Malaysia and their interest in importing from India. The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) and the Animal Quarantine and Certification Services (AQCS) expedited the certification process and facilitated trial “First ever shipment of eggs” from Namakkal, Tamil Nadu to Malaysia. The exports are expected to continue once the trial shipment is approved and accepted by Malaysians, said Shobana Kumar, Regional Head, APEDA, Chennai, in a release.

Agtech start-up Grow Indigo raises $6 million in funds

Mahyco, Indigo AG among those who took part in the funding

Agtech start-up Grow Indigo, which focuses on nature-based solutions to address the challenge of climate change has raised over $6 million in the recent funding round. With this, the company has a cumulative capital of over $13 million. The round saw interest from investors globally including participation from Indigo AG, Mahyco and HNIs.

Grow Indigo has conceptualised the concept of farming carbon as a crop for small-holder farmers in India. When implemented on 120 million acres (i.e. about one-third) of cropland in India, a 1 per cent increase in soil carbon would remove 7+ gigaton carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere.

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