Agriculture Current Affair 17 March 2021

Despite a fall in India, global black tea output up 3.20%

Despite a fall in Indian production, though marginal, there was an overall increase in the global back tea output in January over January 2020, thanks to significant rise in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

“Global black tea production in January rose to 39.39 million kg from 38.17 mkg in January 2020. This increase of 1.22 mkg marked a growth of 3.20 per cent,” Rajesh Gupta, compiler of ‘Global Tea Digest’ told BusinessLine.

Rajasthan reports over 33% crop loss from farms attacked by locusts

Rajasthan reported over 33 per cent crop loss from farms that faced locust attacks in some parts of the country last year, while a few others have reported loss below 33 per cent crop loss on affected farms, Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Narendra Singh Tomar has said.

India can achieve 10% ethanol blending target in 2022

During the current Ethanol Supply Year 2020-21, the OMCs have contracted for about 297 crore litres of ethanol, says ISMA Director-General

During the current Ethanol Supply Year (December 2020-November 2021), oil marketing companies (OMCs) have targeted to source 297 crore litres (CL) of ethanol. Of this, approximately 262 CL will come from sugar mills and rest from other feedstocks such as damaged foodgrains, maize and surplus rice.

Considering the large investments being made in adding ethanol production capacities, India can achieve the target as stipulated in the National Bio-fuel Policy in 2022, Abinash Verma, Director-General, Indian Sugar Mill Association (ISMA) told BusinessLine.

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