Agriculture Current Affair 18 November 2020

At 14.1 lt, sugar output trebles over last year

Sugar production in the current season was off to a good start with a production of 14.1 lakh tonnes (lt) till November 15, as compared to 4.84 lt produced in the same period last year, an Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) statement said on Tuesday.

The higher production is mainly due to an increase in numbers of sugar mills crushing sugarcane at present. As compared to 127 mills during the corresponding period last year, 274 mills have commenced operations already this year.

Scientists in Coimbatore receive National Water Award for device to assess soil moisture

Farmers engaged in cultivation of water-intensive crops such as sugarcane rarely practice efficient irrigation management practices based on moisture status of the soil, according to experts, reiterating the need for conservation of water resources.

A team of scientists from ICAR-Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore has developed a small, user-friendly device named ‘Soil Moisture Indicator’ (SMI) to help farmers with efficient irrigation management.

Civil Aviation Ministry allows Icrisat to use drones for agri research activities

The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) have granted conditional exemption to the International Crops Research Institute (Icrisat), Hyderabad for the deployment of drones for agricultural research activities.

Amber Dubey, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, said, “The Government is encouraging young entrepreneurs and researchers to look at ruggedised low-cost drone solutions for the over 6.6 lakh villages in India.”

Madhya Pradesh pushes up rabi sowing area by 21%

A spurt in planting in central Indian States, particularly in Madhya Pradesh, has led to a 21 per cent increase in rabi sowing to 185 lakh hectares (lh) till last Friday as compared to 153 lh planted during the corresponding week in the previous rabi season, data from the Agriculture Ministry has shown.

NTPC to procure 5 mt agro-based pellets this year

In a bid to aid the efforts of the Centre and State governments in containing air pollution in the National Capital Region (NCR) due to stubble burning, NTPC Limited had started procuring biomass pellets made from farm stubble.

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