Agriculture Current Affair 2 December 2020

66% FPCs in Maharashtra have a low paid-up capital

66 per cent of Farmers Producer Companies (FPCs) in Maharashtra with ‘active’ registration have a low paid-up capital of ₹5 lakh or less, severely limiting their ability to procure bulk inputs, trade in agricultural commodities or initiate processing activities.

Richa Govil and Annapurna Neti, faculty of Azim Premji University, conducted a two-year study of Farmer Producer Companies in India to understand the current landscape, challenges and possible ways forward and have recently summarised findings for Maharashtra.

Teas worth ₹21 crore unsold at Coonoor auctions

Teas worth ₹21.05 crore remained unsold at Sale No: 48 of auctions of Coonoor Tea Trade Association as there were no takers for as much as 61 per cent of the offer. The demand was so weak that this happened despite the producers shedding the average price by as much as ₹ 11.54 a kg.

This week only 7.14 lakh kg tea was sold against 8.86 lakh kg last week. With less tea being sold at reduced prices, the overall earnings dropped to ₹9.29 crore from ₹ 12.56 crore, marking a whopping loss of ₹3.27 crore or 26 per cent in just one week.

Intense promotion of agro forestry will make India net exporter of wood products: Expert panel

Aggressive adoption of agro forestry under Trees Outside Forests (TOF) project could propel India to a position of net exporter of wood and wood products from its current status of net importer.

TOF has significantly buffered the pressure on the country’s declining forest resources besides helping to meet the burgeoning need for domestic biomass and industrial wood, said an expert committee report on the strategy for “Increasing Green Cover outside Reserved Forest Area”.

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