Agriculture Current Affair 23 November 2020

Hamdard group enters honey segment; plans to set up facility in Haryana

Hamdard Laboratories India on Friday said it has forayed into the honey business and will invest up to ₹15 crore on branding and marketing of the product.

The company is currently doing third-party manufacturing but has plans to set up its own facility in its existing plant at Manesar in Haryana.

Institute of Plantation Management to focus on biodiversity conservation practices

Indian Institute of Plantation Management (IIPM) has been entrusted with the preparation of a ‘State of Sector’ document to provide a framework for achieving conservation and development simultaneously for tea, cardamom, coffee, forest and oil palm plantations.

This will be the baseline document which covers the key statistics of each sector in terms of production, ongoing and best practices, economic contribution, gap areas and conservation of significant natural resources.

The document will give special emphasis on biodiversity and will identify multiple use of management plans as potential strategies for mainstreaming biodiversity conservation in tea, cardamom, coffee, oil palm and forest plantations.

Infam moves court seeking MSP for rubber

The Indian Farmers’ Movement (Infam) has filed an interlocutory application before the Kerala High Court seeking to direct the Commerce Ministry to announce a minimum support price for rubber based on the recommendations of the Rubber Board.

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