Agriculture Current Affair 26 November 2020

Gujarat sees increased sowing of pulses, mustard for Rabi season

Rabi cultivation has gained momentum in Gujarat with pulses, sugarcane, coriander and mustard emerging as the preferred crops for farmers.

The State government data as of November 23, showed rabi sowing completed on 17.29 lakh hactares, which is about 50 per cent of the normal rabi acreage of 34.38 lakh hectares.

Maharashtra farmers to agitate against ‘deals under handkerchief’ in APMC markets

Vikram Raskar, a farmer, recently took watermelon from his farm to the Mumbai Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) in Vashi. In a few minutes, he saw retailers and traders put their hands under a handkerchief and press fingers. The price negotiation was completed within a few minutes but Vikram who was witness to the deal didn’t understand the private negotiation language. He was given ₹20,200 as the price for his produce. This handkerchief deal is called as hathaa and continues unabated across APMC markets.

Hydroponic farming takes root in India

For many urban households keen to grow their own vegetables but find it difficult to own a kitchen garden, hydroponic farming is proving to be an attractive proposition.

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