Agriculture Current Affair 27 October 2020

US firm launches new shrimp broodstock for India

US-based shrimp breeding company Shrimp Improvement Systems (SIS) has introduced the Hardy Line Vannamei shrimp broodstock into India, aiming to foster fast growth of shrimps, notwithstanding diseases.

This line has been developed to face the tough conditions prevalent in farms. Thus, it is more tolerable to disease outbreaks, does not lose its ability to grow fast, and has high fecundity. It is proven that this shrimp line can grow up to 0.347 grams per day with SR (survival rate) of 87 per cent and biomass of around 8.6 T/ha in 100 days in India, Lakkaraju Satyanarain (Tikku), the consultant of SIS in India told BusinessLine.

US senators seek removal of high tariff on pecans imports by India

A bipartisan group of five influential senators has urged the Trump administration to seek removal of high tariffs on import of pecans by India, asserting that it is impacting a large number of American farmers.

The growing middle class in India has demonstrated its desire for consumer-oriented agricultural products, like tree nuts, and the Indian market represents one of the most dynamic and fastest growing in the world, the senators wrote in a letter to US Trade Representatives Robert Lighthizer.

IISR’s Biocapsule gains acceptance among farmers

Biocapsule, a biofertiliser technology developed by – Indian Institute of Spices Research, has started gaining acceptance among the farming community. The capsule that could be a game-changer in agriculture witnessed an all-time high sales after the lockdown.

The demand for the organic supplement for fertilisers witnessed a spike from May, and IISR figures show that as many as 4,000 capsules were sold in May alone. The average sale of the capsule per month before the lockdown period was only 400.

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