Agriculture Current Affair 29 June 2020

Gujarat encourages ‘desi’ cow breeding with financial support

As more and more farmers are joining the ‘natural’ farming bandwagon in Gujarat, the State government has announced a financial assistance for farmers to cover maintenance of the cattle.

Per the latest announcement, the State government will provide ₹900 per month per animal assistance to all such farmers, who are using only indigenous cow breeds for natural farming, i.e. using their manure, gomutra, etc for farming. The assistance amounts to ₹10,800 annually for each registered farmer.

What’s behind the increased acreage under kharif cultivation

The latest ‘All India Crop Situation’ report of the Agriculture Ministry shows a massive increase in planted acreage for various kharif season crops as of June 26, compared with the same time last year; but it may not be time to celebrate yet.

Crops such as cotton, oilseeds, maize and pulses have shown a remarkable increase in planted area for this time of the year, as can be seen from the adjoining data. If one went by the previous three years’ planting data, the current year’s numbers appear exceptional and, in some sense, too good to be true.

Maharashtra banks unable to offer fresh crop loans to defaulting farmers

Banks in Maharashtra are unable to sanction fresh crop loans to some farmers as rules don’t permit them to extend fresh crop loans in cases where their existing crop loan accounts have turned non-performing, according to United Forum of Bank Unions (Maharashtra).

“The targeted groups of farmers to whom the crop loans are to be disbursed are in dire need of debt relief package from the Central/State Governments. Since their existing crop loan accounts are already non-performing assets (NPAs), Banks are unable to sanction fresh crop loan to these farmers,” said Devidas Tuljapurkar, the Forum’s Convenor for Maharashtra.

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