Agriculture Current Affair 29 June 2022

Progressive sowing of kharif soyabean stands at 26% of previous year’s total acreage, says top industry body

According to the estimate of industry body Soyabean Processors Association of India (SOPA), sowing of soybean has been done on 26% of the total area that was planted under soybean in the previous year.

While the Government is yet to release any acreage data for soybean sowing this kharif season, we have made a preliminary estimate. The area sown as on date is 31.68 lakh hectares. Last year, the total area as per SOPA was 119.99 lakh hectares and the coverage this year as on date is 26.40% of last year’s total area,” said SOPA in a media release.

“The sowing window is open till mid-July so we are not worried about the pace of sowing,” said DN Pathak, executive director, SOPA. The total kharif acreage under soybean in 2021 kharif season was 120 lakh hectare, while this year, the sowing as on date has been done on 31.68 lakh hectares.

Year on kharif sowing in Maharashtra trails by 87%

The Maharashtra government is concerned about the unsatisfactory pace of kharif sowing in the state, which has been completed on 13% of the kharif area as against 100% coverage during corresponding period of the previous year.

The state cabinet today discussed the state of kharif sowing in the state. The state has received 134 milimeter rainfall till date against 270 milimeter received in the previous year. The kharif sowing in the state was completed last year on this date.

“This year, however, sowing has been done over only 20.30 lakh hectare of the area, which stands at 13% of the total area,” a government release said.

India’s Agri Expertise can Ensure Global Food Security, PM tells G7

Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the G7 that India’s agricultural expertise could be deployed to ensure food security and called on the grouping to ensure regular fertiliser supplies, which have been disrupted by the war in Ukraine. He called for an end to the conflict through dialogue, pointing out that the impact of the war was global.

“Can the G7 create a structured system for the widespread use of Indian agricultural talent in its member countries?” the Prime Minister said on Monday at a session on food security held on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Germany. “With the help of traditional talent of India’s farmers, food security will be ensured to G7 countries.”

Modi reiterated that talks were the way forward to end the Ukraine war. “We are meeting amid an atmosphere of global tension,” he said. “India has always been in favour of peace. Even in the present situation, we have constantly urged for the path of dialogue and diplomacy. The impact of this geopolitical tension is not just limited to Europe. The rising prices of energy and food grains are affecting all the countries. The energy and security of developing countries is particularly at risk.”

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