Agriculture Current Affair 7 January 2022

View: Agricultural reforms needed for India

Agriculture, the modern terminology which generalises economic activities ranging from farming to animal husbandry, had been the pillar of global economy before paving way for industrial revolution. As seen through the development of economies around the globe, development begins with people adopting agriculture, and the primary sector usually becomes the largest employer. Agriculture which started, in the early times, with an intent of subsistence, has effectively transitioned itself into a commercial marketplace, resulting in the formation of well-developed marketing systems, that has not only eliminated the thought of “double coincidence of wants”(barter), but has also underlined a need for a powerful exchange mechanism in the form of money.

In India, prior to the Green Revolution (which ramped up the production of wheat and paddy), in the late 1950s and early ‘60s, agriculture was unable to sustain the country’s growing population, and had to undergo serious improvisations in order to achieve a self-sustaining agricultural system. Thus came the technological advancements, as part of the Green Revolution, which improvised irrigation facilities, introduced High-Yielding variety (HYV) seeds to transform agriculture to what we know today. Such reforms are required to correct certain flaws in the system, which are inevitable, and are required for the constant maintenance of the functionality of systems.

Wheat sowing down marginally at 333.97 lakh hectares so far this rabi season: Agriculture Ministry

Area sown to wheat, the main rabi crop, was down by 1.71 per cent at 333.97 lakh hectares so far in the ongoing 2021-22 rabi season as there was less coverage in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh, according to the latest data released by the Agriculture Ministry on Friday. Sowing of rabi (winter) crops like wheat begins in October and harvesting from April onwards.

Wheat was sown in 339.81 lakh hectares in the year-ago period.

As per the data, area sown to wheat was less by 3.11 lakh hectares in Uttar Pradesh, 1.35 lakh hectares in Haryana, 1.20 lakh hectares in Maharashtra and 1.14 lakh hectares in Madhya Pradesh.

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