Agriculture Current Affair 7 November 2020

India likely to register 28 per cent rise in red lentils production

India is hopeful of registering close to 28 per cent rise in production of red lentils (or masoor dal) at around 1.6 million tonnes in 2020-21 backed by a good sowing and favourable weather conditions.

Red lentils production has been hovering in the range of around 1.25 million tonnes for the past four-to-five years.

Gujarat rabi sowing kicks-off on a strong note with focus on pulses, cane

Rabi sowing in Gujarat has kicked-off with farmers looking at a blooming season amid ample water availability following a good monsoon.

Initial reports from the ground suggest the sowing for pulses, mustard, sugarcane, coriander and wheat has started on a strong note as compared to other spices crops such as jeera (cumin seeds) or cereal crops.

Growing crops vertically to feed the growing population

Humanity has experienced several changes in the course of history: revolutions in science, revolutions in industrial production as well as numerous political revolutions. However, it is the revolution in agriculture that lies at the core of all human progress. For no matter how much we may move ahead in time, basic human needs, i.e. food, feed, fibre and fuel, remain unchanged. The forthcoming decades pose multiple challenges of global food security, bio-energy supply, drastic climatic change, water shortages and sustained economic growth. Unarguably, the demand for food will continue to grow. Food production must more than double itself in the next 40 years.

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