55 Agriculture Important MCQs for Competitive examination like IBPS ,SBI , NABARD, JRF, ICAR etc.

Agriculture Important MCQs

1) In a formal garden the imaginary central line is known as?
A] Edges
B] Axis ✅
C] Focal point
D] Hedges

Agriculture Important MCQs

2) Plant suitable for Pergolas among the following?
A] Tuja
B] Phyllanthus
C] Jasmine ✅
D] Casuarina

Agriculture Important MCQs

3) Mushroom is the fruiting body of?
A] Virus
B] Fungus✅
C] Phytoplasma
D] Bacteria

4) Small pierce of plant used to begin tissue culture is termed?
A] Explant ✅
B] Mother plant
C] Root stock
D] Scion

5) Chamber used to perform tissue culture operation in aseptic conditions.?
A] Laminar air flow ✅
B] Autoclave
C] Alcohol lamps
D] Culture medium

6) Rooting chemical Rootex contains.?
D] 2, 4-D

7) The best method to propagate a good quality jack fruit tree is.?
A] Seed propagation
B] Tongue grafting
C] Approarch grafting ✅
D] Layering

Agriculture Important MCQs

8) Technique to control shape, size and direction of plant growth is known as.?
A] Training ✅
B] Topiary
C] Thinning
D] Disbudding

Agriculture Important MCQs

9) Ixora can be classified into which of the following ?
A] Herbs
B] Shrubs ✅
C] Trees
D] Climbers

10) French bean is a native of.?
A] Mediterranean region
B] Asia
C] South and Central America ✅
D] None of the above

11) Fruit setting in Brinjal is usually in the flower having.?
A] Medium style
B] Short style
C] Long and medium style ✅
D] Short and medium style

Agriculture Important MCQs

12) Powdery mildew disease is a serious problem of which of the following crops.?
A] Capsicum
B] Okra
C] Pea
D] Cucurbits ✅

13) Fruit of okra is rendered unmarketable due to attack of.?
A] Mites
B] Painted bug ✅
C] Aphids
D] None of these

14) Fruits of wild forms of bottle guard are bitter in taste due to cucurbitacin.?
A] Solanin
B] Tomatine
C] Cucurbitacin ✅
D] None of these

Agriculture Important MCQs

15) Puffy fruit in tomato is caused by?
A] Viral attack
B] Bacterial attack
C] Physiological disorder✅
D] None of these

16) Fungicide used for controlling powdery mildew disease of pea is?
A] Captan
B] Indofil M-45
C] Karathane ✅
D] None of these

17) Purple Vienna” is — variety of knol khol.?
A] Early
B] Mid
C] Late ✅
D] All season

18) Garden beet belong to the genus.?
A] Beta ✅
B] Brassica
C] Raphanus
D] None of these

Agriculture Important MCQs

19) Fruits of vegetable Marrow are ready for first picking after.?
A] 40-50 days
B] 60-80 days ✅
C] 80-100 days
D] None of the above

20) Calyx splitting is common practice in.?
A] Lily
B] Marigold
C] Gladiolus
D[ Carnation ✅

21)Safest oil for human consumption ?
A] Ground nut oil
B] Soyabean
C] Mustard oil
D] Sunflower oil✅

22) Type of inflorescence in garlic?
A] Spike
B] Spadix
C] Umbel ✅
D] Panicle

Agriculture Important MCQs

23) Fish and fish produce board is located at .?
A] Kolkata
2] Trivandrum
C] Hyderabad ✅
D] Chennai

24) Agri clinic and Agri business centers are started in the year?
A] 2001
B] 2002 ✅
C] 2004
D] 2000

25) Max fat content is present in the milk obtained from which of the following breed?
A] Murrah
B] Bhadawari ✅
C] Zaffarbadi
D] Nili Ravi

Agriculture Important MCQs

26) Average rainfall of India per annum ?
A] 149 cm
B] 1149 mm
C] 119 cm ✅
D] 1290 mm

27) Hybrid cotton came into existence in India in the year?
A] 1975
B] 1965
C] 1980
D] 1970 ✅

28) Pink flesh Papaya variety ?
A] Pusa nanha
B] CO-2
C] Sunrise solo ✅

D] Coorg Honey Dew

29) For long distance transportation banana are harvested at?
A] 60-70 percent
B] 50-60 per
C] 80-90
D] 75-80 ✅

30) Best quality Guava are produced in which state?
A] Maharashtra
B] Madhya Pradesh
C] Uttar Pradesh ✅
D] Andhra Pradesh

31) Pink pigmentation of grapes at ripening is due to ?
A] N Deficiency
B] K Deficiency
C] Erratic rainfall
D] High difference of diurnal temperature ✅

32) Which of the following is heliotropic plant?*
A] Apple
B] Rubber
C] Coconut  ✅
D] Cashew nut

33) Protein content in cashew kernel?
A] 21 % ✅
B] 18 %
C] 24 %
D] 26 %

34) Seed rate of cluster bean?
A] 25-30 kg/ha ✅
B] 15-18 kg/ha
C] 20-22 kg/ha
D] 18-20 kg/ha

35) Bitter gourd is rich source of?
A] Iron ✅
B] Pottasium
C] Dietary fibre
D] Iodine

36) Yellow leaf of citrus is due to def of ?
A] Mo ✅
B] Zn
C] Mn
D] N

37) Water solube Amino acid in garlic ?
A] Allicin
B] Allin ✅
C] Both
D] None

Agriculture Important MCQs

38) Morroco leather is obtained from ?
A] Sheep
B] Cattle
C] Goat ✅
D] Horse

39) Curled toe in poultry is due to def of ?
A] vit A
B] vit C
C] B2  ✅
D] B12

40) Best egg producer breed?
A] New Hampshire
B] Leg horn ✅
C] English classic
D] Rhod island red

41) Most common herbicide used in maize ?
A] Atrazine
B] Simazine ✅
C] Alachlor
D] Pendimethalin

42) Indicator plant for zinc ?
A] Wheat
B] Rice
C] Maize
D] Cotton

43) Retting in jute is done at a temperature of?
A] 28° C
B] 30° C
C] 34° C ✅
D] 36° C

44) pH that is suitable for highest yield in cauliflower is?
A] 4.5 -5.5
B] 5.5 -6.5✅
C] 4-5
D] 6.5-7

45) Mridula variety of pomegranate is a cross between ?
A] Ganesh x Gal e shab red ✅
B] Ganesh x Ruby
C] Ruby x Ganesh
D] Ruby x Kabul

46) Largest producer of mosambi ?
A] Andhra Pradesh
B] Madhya Pradesh
C] Maharashtra ✅
D] Karnataka

47) World meteorological day ?
A] 21st March
B] 29nd March
C] 23rd March ✅
D] 8th March

48) Best method of lawn establishment?
A] Dibbling
B] Bricking
C] Turfing ✅
D] None

49)Seed potato dormancy is broken by ?
C] Thiourea ✅

50) Jute fibre is extracted from ?
A] Xylem
B] Parenchyma
C] Secondary phloem ✅
D] Epidermal layer

51) Soil colour determination is standardized and determined by the comparison of the soil colour to:?
A] Tensiometer
B] Gypsum block
C] Munsell chart ✅
D] None of the above

52) Soil samples are collected to:?
A] Plastic bags✅
B] Metal containers
C] Gunny bags
D] Wooden boxes

53) Soils with high pH are generally dificient in:?
A] Zn and Mn ✅
B] B and Fe
C] Cu and Mo
D] Ca and Mg

54) Tarai soils are generally deficient in:?
A] Zinc ✅
B] Nitrogen
C] Phosphorus
D] Potash

Agriculture Important MCQs

55) Tarai soils are high in:?
A] Iron
B] Sodium
C] Organic matter  ✅
D] Calcium

Agriculture Important MCQs







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