Agriculture MCQ important for Competitive exam

Agriculture MCQ

#A completely discharged battery will have electrotype of specific gravity of

a) 1.150 or less

b) 1.050 or less

c) 1.175 or less

d) 1 .1 8 5 or less

#Where the intensity of dust is not severe generally pre-cleaners a placed above the tractor hood about

a) 35 cm

b) 40 cm

c) 45 cm

d) 50 cm

#The minimum torque is produced at

a) 1200 rpm

b) 1300 rpm

c) 1400 rpm

d) 1500 rpm

#Most of the time of the engine is required to be operated between

a) 40 to 70 percent of full load

b) 50 to 70 percent of full load

c) 55 to 75 percent of full load

d) 60 to 90 percent of full load

#A tractor engine is operated at full load approximately

a) 20-25% of the operating times

b) 25-30% of the operating time

c) 30-35% of the operating time

d) 35-40% of operating time

#The boiling temperature of the water in the radiator is raised to about

a) 100°C

b) 105°C

c) 110° C

d) 115° C

#Due to constant use both inlet and exhaust valves and their seats subjected to

a) stress wear

b) strain wear

c) mechanical wear

d) tensile wear

#For heavier fuels the cooling system of an internal combustion engine, the temperature is maintained at

a) 78 to 80°C

b) 80 to 84 °C

c) 85 to 88°C

d) 88 to 90°C

#In cranking the engine normally motor takes current about

a) 300 amperes

b) 400 amperes

b) 5 0 0 amperes

d) 600 amperes

#A completely discharged battery will have electrotype of specific gravity of

a) 1.150 or less

b) 1.050 or less

c) 1.175 or less

d) 1.185 or less

#When the engine is operated under average working conditions oil crank case us changed after the operation of about

a) 100 hours

b) 110 hours

c) 115 hours

d) 120 hours

#The maximum V belt sag when applying finger pressure is

a) 10 mm

b) 12 mm

c) 15 mm

d) 17 mm

#The solution of radiator should be drained out when the engine has run for

a) 10 to 15 minutes

b) 15 to 20 minutes

c) 20 to 25 minutes

d) 25 to 30 minutes

#To make a solution for filling radiator one bag of washing soda and 0.5 kg of kerosene oil should be added in water amounting

a) 6 kg

b) 8 k8

c ) 10 kg

d) 12 kg

#The radiator should he filled with the solution and allowed to remain there for

a) 4 to 6 hours

b) 6 to 6 hours

c) 8 t o 10 hours

d) 10 to 12 hours

#The starting motor used on a powerine tractor may be of

a) 6 or 12 volt type

b) 12 or 24 volt type

c) 16 or 24 volt type

d) 6 or 24 volt type

#Diesel tractors are equipped with a more rugged starting motor of

a) 6 or 12 volts

b) 12 or 24 volts

c) 6 or 24 volts

d) 12 or 36 volts

#Voltage can be stepped up from 6 to approximately

a) 10,000 volts

b) 15.00 0 volts

c) 20,000 volts

d) 25,000 volts

#Generally the gap between the contact breaker points is kept between

a) 0 .1 to 0.3 mm

b) 0.2 and 0.4 mm

c) 0.3 and 0.5 mm

d) 0 .4 and 0.6 mm

#Variation between no load and full load conditions is found to approx. at

a) 80 rpm

b) 91 rpm.

c) 100 rpm

d) 110 rpm

#The economical diesel fuels have got octane rating varying from

a) 30 to 50

b) 30 to 60

c) 20 to 30

d) 25 to 30

#The temperature produced on the power stroke of an engine can be as high as

a) 1200°C

b) 1400°C

c) 1600°C

d) 1800°C

#Average yearly load on the tractor should not exceed its rated load up to

a) 70%

b) 72%

c) 75 %

d) 78%

#The depreciation method which reduces the value of a machine by equal amount each year during the useful life is known as

a) Estimated method

b) constant percentage method

c) compound interest method

d) straight line method

#The useful life of a machine is also affected by the rate of which machine becomes

a) defunct

b) non operational

c) replaceable

d) obsolete

#The glow plugs must be inspected and decarbonized during

a) daily maintenance

b) weekly maintenance

c) periodic maintenance

d) seasonal maintenance

#Tractor in small field gives

a) high efficiency

b) low efficiency

c ) normal efficiency

d) optimum efficiency

#A battery must be turned over to a charging station in winter if discharged by

a) 50%

b) 40%

c) 30%

d) 25%

#Transmission of oil should be changed after every working hours about

a) 550 hours

b) 650 hours

c) 70 hours

d) 850 hours

#Engine oil should be changed and replaceable type filters should be changed after even working hours about

a) 420 hours

b) 320 hours

c) 220 hours

d) 120 hours

#Front and rear wheel axle bearings may be washed and replaced once in

a) four years

b) three years

c) two years

d) one year

#If the spark plugs have become found it should be cleaned after working hours of

a) 25 hours

b) 30 hours

c) 40 hours

d) 50 hours

#Under dusty conditions, air cleaner oil is changed after every working hours of

a) 6 hours

b) 8 hours

c) 10 hours

d) 12 hours.

#Hydraulic system is mainly used for operating

a) one point hitch

b) two point hitch

c) three point hitch

d) four pond hitch.

#Hydraulic pump delivers a pressure of about

a) 125kg/cm2

b) 130kg/cm2

c) 140kg/cm2


#The tie rod connects the front wheel spindle arms and is actuated by the steering shaft through

a) chain link

b) gear link

c) tension link

d) drag link

#Under normal operating conditions, the bearings are filled with the proper type of lubricant after every hours of working about

a) 6 hours

b) 8 hours

c) 10 hours

d) 12 hours

#Depending upon the size of the tractor the width o f the tracks varies for

a) 10-50 cm

b) 15.50 cm

c) 20 – 25 cm

d) 25-50 cm

#Inflation pressure in the rear wheels of the tractor varies between

a) 0.5 to 1.2 kg/cm2

b) 8 to 1.2 kg/cm2

c) 2 to 1.5 kg/cm2

d) 1.5 to 20 kg/cm2

#As a result of spinning sometimes one of the drive wheels of a tractor happens tomeet a

a) hard ground

b) soft ground

c) muddy gourd

d ) wet ground.

#For hard facing base alloys used are

a) high carbon steel

b) high carbon iron

c) carbon steel

d) stainless steel

#Hardening is a process of heating a metal to

a) 400°C

b) 500°C

c) 600°C

d) 700°C

#To obtain softness and ductility, metals art

a) tempered

b) hardened

c) enamelled

d) hard faced

#With high frequency electric current hardening is achieved and is called as

a) case hardening

b) induction hardening

c) surface hardening

d) metal hardening

#Nails are available in various lengths ranging from

a ) 1.00 to 15 cm

b) 1.25 to 15 cm

c) 1.5 to 15 cm

d) 2.5 to 15 cm

#A bearing designed to resist axial load is known as

a) Ball bearing

b) bush bearing

c) thrust bearing

d) journal bearing

#The bearings which resist radial loads is known as

a) Ball bearing

b) bush bearing

c) thrust bearing

d) journal bearing

#Aluminum is a very light metal which resists

a) scratch

b) moisture

c) temperature

d) corrosion

#Soft center steel is used on

a) plow share

b) plow bottom

c) cultivated shovel

d) sweap

#Flats belts are available in various widths ranging from

a) 1.0 to 50 cm

b) 1.5 to 50 cm

c) 2 to 50 cm

d) 2.5 to 50 cm

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