Agriculture Objective Question for competitive exams

Agriculture Objective Question

Agriculture Objective Question

1. Father of Agricultural chemistry – J. V. Liebig

2. “Central soil salinity Research Institute” situated in – Karnal (Haryana)

3. Who is considered as father of soil testing – Troug

4. Law of restitution was proposed by – Liebig


(Agriculture Objective Question)

5. Which horizon zone of Washing out – A (Eluvial)

6. Which horizon zone of Washing in – B (Illuvial)

7. Red soil mainly formed by which soil order – Alfisols Soils

8. Black soil mainly formed by which soil order – Vertisol soil

9. Largest Soil group is – Alluvial soil group (143 mha)

(Agriculture Objective Question)

10. C:N ratio of micro organism – 4:1 to 9:1

11. Equivalent acidity of Anhydrous ammonia – 148meq/100gm

12. Equivalent acidity of Urea – 80-85

13. Equivalent acidity of DAP – 77

14. “International potash of Institute” situated in – Switzerland (1952)

(Agriculture Objective Question)

15. Red colour of soil due to – Hematite

16. Red yellow color of soil is associated with – Ferric oxide

17. Which soil warmed up quickly – Sandy soil

18. The B horizon is generally absent in which soil ?????? – Black soil

19. Soil fertility and fertilizers was written by – Samuet L. Tisdale

(Agriculture Objective Question)

20. Which micro-nutrient are non-metal element – Boron

21. Intracellular deposits of which element is known as plant opals ????? – Silicon

22. “Indian Society of soil science” (ISSS) established in which year – Dec. 1934 (Kolkata)

23. “International soil reference and information Center” situated in – Netherland (1966)

24. “International Union of soil science” founded in – 1924 (Australia)

(Agriculture Objective Question)

25. For nitrification, the optimum pH is – 8.5

26. White alkali soils are – Saline soil

27. Humus fraction lightest in colour is – Fulvic acid

28. Pedoturbation is the process of – Mixing of the soil

29. In India, which soil order have negligible area ???? – Histosols

30. Particle density of clay soil is – 2.8

(Agriculture Objective Question)

31. “Indian Institute of soil science” is situated in – Bhopal (MP)

32. “Indian Institute of soil and water conservation” is situated in – Dehradun

33. First production of fertilizer in India ????? – Single Super phosphate (1906)

34. Calcareous soil is formed in arid as well as – Humid region

35. Generally plant loses water through – Transpiration

36. Active soil forming factor are – Organism & climate

(Agriculture Objective Question)

37. Which group of microorganism have add highest Biomass in soil – Fungi

38. Soil color determination by – Munsell’s chart

39. Cation exchange is an important component of – Soil fertility

40. Positive Bacteria color is – Red

41. “Sulfur Institute” situated in – Washington DC(1960)

42. First product of Urea if apply in soil – Ammonium carbonate

43. Which is best method for application Fe and Zn – Foliar application

(Agriculture Objective Question)

44. Which is best suitable method for application Ca, B, S, and Mo – Soil application

45. Kandic and Arfullic origin found in which order – Alfisol

46. Surface color of Alkali soil is – Black

47. Lowest category of soil classification includes – Series

48. Sugarbeet is an indicator plant for – Sodium

(Agriculture Objective Question)

49. Wheat is an indicator plant for – Copper

50. Chemical formula of siderite is – FeCO3

51. The pH of the soil solution determines – Active acidity

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