Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-58

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

#When annual rainfall is less than 75% of normal, the situation will be called as-Drought

#If the deficiency of rainfall is above 50% of the normal, the situation will be called asSevere Drought

#Supplemental Irrigation is also known as- Life saving Irrigation

#P. M. A. Phenyl mercuric acetate is a type of anti transpirants- Stomata closing type

#Kaolin is a type of anti transpirant- Reflecting type(Agriculture One Liner)

# Etawah project was launched in is- 1948.

# Appetite is source of is- phosphorus and chlorine.

# Chlorosis of leaves is occur due to is- N deficiency.

# First hybrid of cotton was developed in is- India.

# Average height of plant is calculated by- Arithmetic mean.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Inflorescence of sugarcane is known as is- Arrow.

# Inflorescence of rice is known as is- Pinnacle.

# Crop grown for fiber and oil is- Linseed.

# Oil % in soybean is- 20%.

# Olsen’s method is used to determine is Available Phosphorus in soil.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Carbon present in organic matter is- 58%.

# C:N ratio in arable soil- 10:1.

# Chemical formula of Urea Fertilizer is- NH2-CO-NH2.

# Loose smut disease of wheat is controlled by- Vitavax.

# Most destructive disease of sugarcane is- Red rot of sugarcane.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Potatoes are borne on- Stolon.

# Potato tubers are a modified form of- Stem.

# Sowing of sugarcane in trench method is helpful to prevent from- Lodging.

# For seed purpose carrot is grown as- Biennial.

# Boron is harmful to plants when concentration is- More than 3 ppm.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Which crop has maximum productivity among the cereals is- Maize.

# Kaolin is a type of anti-Transpirants is- Reflecting type.

# Cycocel (CCC) is a Growth retardants.

# Family of sesame is- Pedaliaceae.

# Family of jute is- Tilliaceae.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Exhaustive family of crops is- Graminae.

# Origin of maize is- Mexico.

#Overhead cost is known as – Fixed cost

#Price theory is a branch of – Mico- Economices

#Average cost is equal to – Total cost / Output(Agriculture One Liner)

#Land rent is an example of- fixed cost

#prime cost is also known as – Variable cost

#opportunity coast is also known as – alternative cost

#The father of economics is – Adam Smith

#Diminishing return is also known as – Law of variable(Agriculture One Liner)

#The most effective way to overcome the defects of agricultural marketing is – Regulating marketing

#the law of variable proportion is generally referred to as the – law of diminishing return

#production is a function of – Factors

#AGMARK act was enforced in a year – 1937

#In mixed farming , the contribution of livestock to gross farm income is at least(Agriculture One Liner)

#Input -Output relationship is also known as – production function

#Those product , in which two product produced together are called – joint product

#Dumping activity is seen under – monopoly

#Export – Import bank of India was set up on – 1st January , 1982

#IRDP was stared in the year of – 2 Oct , 1980(Agriculture One Liner)

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