Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-59

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

#When marginal production is zero , then total production is – maximum

#National demonstration \project was stared in the year KVK is also known as – Farm science centre

#KVK was stared in the year 1974

#Operational Research Project was stared in the year 1974-75

#lab to land programme was stared in the year – 1979 June 1

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#National agri. technology project was stared in the year 1998-99

#KVK was recommended by- Mohan Singh Mehta Committee (1974)

#Community Development Project was stared on – 1952

# Crop which has highest K+ up take is Potato.

# The low pressure area near the equator called as Doldrums/1TCZ.

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# Triacontanol is a growth stimulant obtains from Leaves of Lucerne.

# Origin of soybean is China.

# Origin of tobacco is Mexico.

# State having highest area under summer maize is Bihar.

# Indian Journal of Agriculture Sciences is published by  ICAR.

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# Atmospheric pressure always decreases with Altitude.

# Horizontal heat transfers from warmer area to cooler area, the effect is known as Cloth line effect.

# In which effect vertical heat transfers from warmer to cooler crop area is Oasis effect.

# Die back of shoots occur due to deficiency of Copper.

# Occurrence of grey spots on leaves is due to deficiency of Manganese (Mn).

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# Dwarf variety of Wheat in India comes from is Mexico.

# Seed rate of wheat is 100 kg /ha.

# Seed rate of direct seeded rice is 80Kg/ha.

# Ratana and RBD –2 variety of is Barley.

# Nursery area for rice is 0.1 hectare.

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# Row to row spacing for wheat is 22.5cm.

# Azetobacter fixes nitrogen as Non symbiotically.

# Association of fungi and plant root are called as Mycorrhizae.

# Sandy soil have high bulk density.

# Maximum total porosity found in Clay soil

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# Best soil for groundnut cultivation is Sandy + Sandy loam

# In heavy black soil Cotton crop is grown.

# PH measures Active acidity.

# Leading Flower Product Exporter is Netherland (57%).

# Leading Flower Product Importer is Germany.

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# Country Having Large Market Of Cut Flower  is Germany.

# State Having Max Area Under  is Karnataka.

# State Having Max Production is TN.

# Largest Importer Of Floriculture Product From India is USA (27%).

# Max Cut Flowers Production In Ind  is WB.

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# Flower Cover Max Area In Ind  is Jasmin.

# Hogarth Cource Also Known As  is  Line Of  Beuty.

# “Beautiful Garden”Wrieten By is Ms. Randhwa.

# Japanis Flower Arrange Ment Also Called is Ikebana.

# Largest Producer Of Loos Flower is India.

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# Mughal Garden Situated At is Pinjore, Haryana.

# Rose Garden Situated At is Chandigarh.

# Mandhor Garden Situated At  is Jodhpur.

# Buddha Jayanti Park Situated At is N. Delhi.

# Brindavan Garden Situated At is Mysore.

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#National Extension Service (NES) was stared in the year of 1953

#Firka Development Scheme was launched under the guidance of National Commission of Agriculture was set up by government of India – 1970

#HYVP was started in the year of 1966

#Marthendam programme was started by – Dr. Spencer Hatch in 1921

#etawah Pilot project was started by – Mr.Albert Mayer in Sep 1948

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#Indian village Service was started in 1945 by – Mr. Arther T. Mosher and Shri BN gupta

#The aim of Etowah Pilot project is – Introducing intensive work on the Rural reconstruction front

#Intensive Agriculture District programme was popularly known as – Package programme

#IRDP was lunched on – 2 oct 1980

#National Agricultural Research project was launched in – Jan, 1979

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#T&V system was evolved in – 1973 by Israeli expert Daniel Benor At Turkey

#Training of Rural Youth for Self Employment ( TRYSEM) in 1979

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