Agriculture 85 One Liner important For Agri exam -70

Agriculture one liner

Agriculture One Liner

1) Most destructive disease of sugarcane is: Red rot of sugarcane.

2)Potatoes are borne on: Stolons

3)Potato tubers are a modified form of: Stem

4)Sugarcane sowing in trench method to prevent: Lodging

5)For seed purpose carrot is grown as: Biennial(Agriculture One Liner)

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6)Boron is harmful for plants having concentration: More than 3 ppm

7)Maximum productivity among cereals: Maize

8)Kaolin is a type of antitranspirants: Reflecting type

9) Cycocel (CCC) is a: Growth retardants

10)Family of sesame: Pedaliaceae(Agriculture One Liner)

11)Family of jute: Tilliaceae

12) Which family of crop is more exhaustive: Graminae

13) Origin of maize: Mexico

14)Origin of soybean: China

15) Origin of tobacco: Mexico (Agriculture One Liner)

16) Highest area of summer maize: Bihar

17)Indian Journal of Agriculture Sciences is published by: ICAR

18)Yellowing of tea leaves occurs due to the deficiency of: Sulphur

19) The green house gas that released from paddy field is: Methane

20) The edible part of sweet potato (Ipomoea batata) is: Adventitious root(Agriculture One Liner)

21)Carbon dating technique is used to determine age of: Fossils

22)The irrigation method which is suitable for saline soil: Flooding method

23)Element contributing to the disease & drought resistance: Potassium

24) Element involved in energy transfer and storage in plants: Phosphorus

25) Nutrients are termed as essential elements for plants: 16 nutrients(Agriculture One Liner)

26) Apical bud dominance is caused by which hormone: Auxin

27)Highest consumption of k fertilizer: Maharashtra

28)Highest production of cereals in world: Wheat

29) Seed rate of sorghum is: 9-12 kg/ha

30) De suckering is a process of a crop: Tobacco.(Agriculture One Liner)

31)The weed, which was first biological controlled: Lantana camera

32) State, where seed law are adopted: Karnataka

33) Soil moisture tension directly measured by: Tensiometer

34) Evapotranspiration measured by: Lysimeter

35)Parshall flame is used for measurement of: Water flow(Agriculture One Liner)

36) Flooding irrigation method commonly used for: Rice

37) Fertilizer application through irrigation known as: Fertigation

38) One of most important cultural practice in rice field: Puddling

39)Post harvest losses for cereals accounts for: 10%

40) Saltation is a process of: Wind erosion(Agriculture One Liner)

41) Irrigation efficiency of loamy soils: 70% (highest)

42) In saline soils the methods of irrigation: Flood method

43) Sowing pattern used in dry land: Broadcasting

44) Most efficient method of irrigation is: Drip irrigation

45) Extensively grown pulse crop in India: Chick pea(Agriculture One Liner)

46) Relative humidity measured by: Psychrometer

47) Crops growing for conserve soil moisture known as: Mulch crops

48) Example of erosion permitting crop: Maize

49) Example of erosion resistant crop: Cow pea

50)The herbicide used as pre -plant incorporation is: Fluchloralin(Agriculture One Liner)

51) Example of C4 weed is: Common lamsquarter

52) The botanical name of two rowed barley is: Hordeum distichon

53) The name of six rowed barley is: Hordeum vulgare

54) First AICRP was started in which crop: Maize 1957 .

55) What is the optimum plant population for Bt -cotton: 10,000 plants/ha(Agriculture One Liner)

56) Dropsy disease in human being is caused by which weed: Argemone Mexicana

57) Crop is suitable for having PH4-6: Rice, tea and potato

58)Red hemoglobin in root nodule is responsible for: Transport of 02

59) Annual rainfall in Rajasthan: 575 mm

60) Aminophilic plants: Sugarcane and rice (Agriculture One Liner)

61) Country having 100% of the cropped area under irrigation: Egypt

62) Country having highest irrigation efficiency: Israel

63) Country having highest irrigated area: India

64) In remote sensing optical wave lengths from: 0.3 to 15 urn are used

65) India is the first country to develop and use of hybrids in: Pear millet (HB-1 ‘ in 1965)(Agriculture One Liner)

66) Crop having maximum area under irrigation: Wheat

67) Type of soil water which is most useful for plants : Capillary water.

68) At equator day and nights are always: Equal.

69) Atmosphere pressure always decreases with: Altitude.

70) Horizontal heat transfer from warmer area to cooler area: Cloth line effect

71) Vertical heat transfer from warmer to cooler crop area: Oasis effect 

72) The enzyme of nitrogen reduction is: Nitrogenase

73) The component of nitrate reduction is the: Molybdenum.

74) Major of field crops require for optimum growth is: 6.5-7.0

75) Hence; cultivated mostly crops are: Acidic in nature (IFFCO- 09)(Agriculture One Liner)

76) Depth of water required by a crop is known as: Delta

77)Area irrigated by one cusec discharge of water is: Duty

78)Period in days for which irrigation is supplied to a crop is: Base period

79) Rancidity in sunflower oil due to: Oxidation.

80) Varieties of black gram: T-9. Pant U-19(Agriculture One Liner)

81) Famous variety of moth bean is: RMO-40

82) Elite varieties of moong bean are: Pusa baisakhi. SML-668

83) 0.1% solution in 500 liters of water is: 500 ml

84) BioclimatiC low proposed by: Hopkins

85) Triacontanol is a growth stimulant obtains from: Leaves of Lucerne

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