Important Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

1- Hull is combination of.- Lemma + Paea togather

2- Yield increased by adopting SRI is- 50-90%

3- Highest rice producing state in india- West Bengal

4-Critical Irrigation stage for Wheat-CRI

5-Vaishali is the variety of-Tomato

6-Jwala is the variety of-Chilli

7-Pusa kranti is the variety of-Brinjal

8-Size of Mould board plough determines-Width of Cut

9-Mulching is- Conservative tillage

10-ASPEE is related to- Sprayer

11-Tractor working hours- 10000 hours

12-High pressure- Sprayer Gear pump

13-Red label on fertilizer box indicates- Extremely toxic

14-PLP initiated by- NABARD, GOI, RRB

15-Rotavator is involved in which type of tillage- Secondary tillage

16-Disc harrow is involved in which kind of tillage- Secondary

17-Root-Rot disease related to- Groundnut

18-Percentage of clay in sandy loam- 0-20%

19-Soyabean root (which type)- Deeply-rooted

20-Water loss in air least in- Drip irrigation

21-Minimum level of Water erosion- Splash irrigation

22-Disc angle of disc plough- 42-45

23-Seedless variety of Grapes- Thompson

24-Reason for Seed-lessness in fruit- Embryo Abortion

25-Zero tillage means- Neither primary nor secondary

26-Rinder pest is not a disease of- Poultry

27-Minimum Land required for loan- 2000 ha

28-Soil with pH less than 3.5- Ultra acidic soil

29-Why puddling is done- Conserving moisture by breaking by breaking an impermeable layer

30-Depth of shallow tillage according to the CRIDA- 5-6 cm

31-Which is not a micro nutrient- Ca

32-Size of coarse sand particle- 2mm-0.2mm

33-Crop intensity of wheat-paddy-200%

34-Minor irrigation area-2000 ha

35-Apex body of agricultural marketing- NAFED

36-Water conservation is studied under- Soil science

37-Power tiller- Rotatory implement

38-Farmers not classified on the basis of price, area- Ranching

39-Age at which white leghorn starts laying eggs- 5-6 months.

40-Plantation system having one tree at the center-Quincunx.

(Agriculture One Liner)

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