Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-62

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

# State with highest forest area in the country is Madhya Pradesh, followed by Arunachal Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

# For maintaining ecological balance percentage of the land area should be under forest is 33.

# Total number of KVKs at present is 706.

# KVKs are under the administration control of DDG of Agricultural extension.

# For effective functioning and monitoring of KVKs, KVKs are divided into 11 ATARI.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Father of Extension J paul Leagons.

# Maximum edible oil is contributed by Groundnut.

# Argon was discovered by Arnon.

# Essentiality of Boron is postulated by Warrington.

# The main advantage of Nano fertilizer is High surface area.

# Metasystox control Aphids effectively.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Origin of tobacco is Mexico.

# State having highest area under summer maize is Bihar.

# Indian Journal of Agriculture Sciences is published by ICAR.

# Atmospheric pressure always decreases with -Altitude.

# Queen of spices is Cardamom.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Buck wheat is called Psedo cereal.

# Very dangerous disease of sugar cane is red rot.

# World’s staple food is Rice.

# In India , the maximum acreage and production of wheat is in UP.

# The type of fruit of wheat is Caryopsis.(Agriculture One Liner)

# The optimum temperature for ideal germination of wheat is 20 to 25 °C.

# Norin-10 gene was brought to USA by S.c. salamone 1984.

# The dwarf winter variety of wheat first time developed through using Norin gene by – Dr. O. A. Vogel.

# Triple gene dwarf variety were released in 1970.

# HD 2204, Janak, UP 215, Pratap, Kalyansona, Arjun and Sonara 64, are double gene dwarf varieties of wheat.(Agriculture One Liner)

# CSH 1 was released as first dwarf sorghum hybrid in 1964

# Sorghum is known as camel crop.

# Native of jower is Africa.

# The maximum area & Production of jowar is in Maharashtra.

# Fibre of cotton contains Cellulose.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Movement from higher concentration to lower concentration is known as diffusion.

# Gold of America is known as Soybean.

# Formula of Net Capital ratio is Total assets Total liabilities.

# Theory of evolution was given by charles Darwin.

# Which Indian Scientist shared world food prize for miracle maize Dr. Surinder K. Vasal.(Agriculture One Liner)

# ICAR day is celebrated on 16 July.

# Light red carnation represent to Admiration.

# ANOVA table stands for analysis of Variance.

# RBI was established in 1935.

# Horizontal heat transfers from warmer area to cooler area, the effect is known as Cloth line effect.(Agriculture One Liner)

# In which effect vertical heat transfers from warmer to cooler crop area Oasis effect.

# Die back of shoots occur due to deficiency of Copper.

# Occurrence of grey spots on leaves is due to deficiency of Manganese (Mn).

# Most destructive disease of sugarcane is Red rot of sugarcane.

# Potatoes are borne on Stolon.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Potato tubers are a modified form of Stem.

# Sowing of sugarcane in trench method is helpful to prevent Lodging.

# For seed purpose carrot is grown as Biennial.

# Boron is harmful to plants when concentration is More than 3 ppm.

# In organic matter contains the highest amount of Carbon.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Afra disease Mainly occurs in Which crop Paddy.

# Chromosome number of inguina tritici is 19.

# Calcium is needed for the synthesis of Cell wall.

# First hybrid in the world of red gram is ICPH 8.

# The most preferable soil structure for agriculture is Granular & Crumby.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Taxonomically organic soils are Histosols.

# Black soil is most suitable for dry land agriculture.

# Father of Sociology August Commte.

# National agricultural innovation project was stared in 2005.

# Total number of national bureaux are six.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Formula of coefficient of variance is SD/Mean x 100.

# t test is generally used, when sample size is 30.

# The correlation coefficient lies between – 1 to + 1.

# The experimental design, which simultaneously control the variation in two directions is known as LSD.

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