Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-65

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

# Capsicum (shimla mirch) also known as Sweet pepper.

# Chili also known as Hot pepper.

#Hot and humid Climate is required for chili.

#Chili tolerate for Frost.(Agriculture One Liner)

#Saanen breed of Goat known as queen of milk.

#Hariyanvi is the best dual purpose breed of cow.

#Merino Sheep is native from Spain.

# Ring rust of Aonla is caused by Ravenellia emblica var. fructoidae.

# Frog eye leaf spot of tobacco is caused by Cercospora nicotianae (Fungus).(Agriculture One Liner)

# Rich source of Calcium iron is Niacin.

# Stalking is the popular way of supporting tomato plants.

# Tomato harvesting at “Green stage” for Truck Gardening​.

# Rice is a Short day plant.

# Diffusion of mineral ion into the root cells of plants is known as Passive absorption.(Agriculture One Liner)

# The formula for ‘balanced salt solution of mineral elements’ for plant growth was given by Knop.

# Calcium is needed for the synthesis of Cell wall.

# Alluvial soil area maximum in the India.

# Respiration takes place only in presence of Oxygen.

# C: N ratio for sugarcane straw is 120:1.(Agriculture One Liner)

# The compounds which tightly hold certain cations that are attracted towards them and release them slowly for utilization by plants is called as Chelates.

# Critical stage for irrigation in maize is Tassel & Silking.

# Maize plant is Monoccious.

# Wheat irrigated area % in was 1950-51 34%.

# Father of agronomy is – peter decresenzi.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Dr. Biwant Rajis the founder of Relay cropping.

# The Directorate of cropping System research is located at – Modipuram , meerut, U.P.

# Scientific study of mixed cropping was firstly done by La-Flitze (1928).

# Relay cropping concept was derived from Relay race.

# Natural Resource management is an example of sustainable agriculture.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Cropping System is a component of framing System.

# When the sub crop are sown to supplement of yield of the main crop , the sub crops are known as augmenting crops.

# The main crop is grown in the centre , surrounded by hardly or thorny crops, the sub crop is known as guard crops.

# The yield of both crops , grown together are found to be higher than the yield of their pure crops on unit area , such cropping is known as synergetic cropping.

# Cash crops — those crops , which may be sold directly from the field without processing like vegetables , potato, etc.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Formula of Cropping Intensity = Total Cropping Area /total sown area *100 .

# The growing of two or more crops on the same field in a year is called multiple cropping.

# The practice of raising grasses or pasture, is also known as ley farming.

# Longest area under drip irrigation in the world is in USA.

# Angle of land slope is measured by Clinometer.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Generally plant loses water through Transpiration.

# Active soil forming factor are Organism & climate.

# “Pilot Crop Insurance Scheme” was introduced in 1979.

# “Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme” was introduced in 1985.

# Process of decomposition of organic matter is called Humification.(Agriculture One Liner)

# The ginning percent in cotton is 24-38%.

# The cutting of weed to the ground level is known as Mowing.

# NABARD came into existence on 12 July, 1982.

# The vegetative lag phase is also known as Photoperiod-sensitive.

# The vegetative lag phase is absent in Short duration rice.(Agriculture One Liner)

# May-June Showing time of Aus Paddy.

# June-July Showing time of Amun Paddy.

# Most widely used for soil moisture determination is Gravimeter method.

# Area under dry land agriculture in India is 60%.

# Golden rice is rich source of Vitamin A.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Spacing for guava plant 6-7M × 6-7M.

* Collego is bioherbicide used in rice.

* Age of plants is determined by Annual rings.

* Forest Research Institute established at Dehradun in 1906.

* Luxury consumption is generally associated with Potassium Agricultural Produce.(Agriculture One Liner)

* Fertilizer required for tobacco (NPK) is 100:100:50.

* The colloidal surface of humus are Negatively charged.

* Father of Microbiology is Louis Pasteur.

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